Misaraisu Etude House Rosy Giveaway

Hey hey have you guys heard about the awesome giveaway Misaraisu is hosting? As a celebration for achieving 500 followers, she's giving away products from the Etude House Rosy Collection. I for one am truly excited after seeing the contents of the giveaway. Let's see what she's giving:

Etude House Precious Mineral ANY Cushion which has SPF 50  in one of the following shades: Light Beige, Natural Beige, and Honey Beige. The winner can choose which one they want. 

Etude House Rose Flowering Nails in either Watery Rose (top) or Velvety Rose (bottom).

There seems to have been a lot of hype about this and the Any Cushion lately. The Etude House Rosy Tint Lips in one of the shades above: #1 Before Blossom, #2 Sunny Flower, #3 Rose Petal, #4 Sweet Poison, #5 Baby Peony, #6 English Garden, #7 Tea Rose, #8 After Blossom. 

And finally the Etude House Rose Drawing Creamy Pencil in one of the four colors: BE103 Creamy Romance, PP501 Dust Pupple, RD304 After Blossom, and BR404 Sunset Brown.

There will be a total of two winners. First place wins one of each item, and second place wins only one Rosy Tint Lips. All colors are chosen by the winner. ^^ 

So what do you think of her lovely giveaway? Enter before it's too late at http://www.misaraisu.com/2013/10/etude-house-rosy-giveaway.html

Ebay Seller Review: etudehouse-korea

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to review the eBay seller etudehouse-korea. They're the official distributer of Etude House, so you know for sure that what you're buying is 100% genuine, plus you're directly supporting the company. Although the "Buy It Now" items are somewhat pricey, they have a lot of auctions up, so most of the time you can get items at a really cheap price. And shipping is free with tracking (although it didn't help much). Anyways~ So here are the details of my package:

Package Information:

  • Paid/Ordered: 09/29/2013
  • Shipped: 10/01/2013
  • Received: 10/19/2013
Shipping was okay. They offered free tracking but it was kind of useless, since the tracking never updated after it left the international post office in Korea.

(the item was wrapped in bubble wrap, and none of the contents in the box were damaged)

And voila~ I actually only bought the Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit after winning an auction for just $10. I was really surprised when I saw the sheet mask, so thank you Etude House for the gifts and thank you letter. It's really sweet of them to include one, even though I can't read most of it. (really need to start studying Korean more ㅠㅠ)

  • Shipping: 4/5 
  • Prices: This really depends on whether or not you can get a good deal. The auctions are the best way to get items for a super cheap price, so good luck! ^^
  • Order from again? I actually don't know, because the selection they have is pretty limited. Maybe if they happen to have an auction for an item I need..
I suggest that you check out their store and see if there's anything you want that's up for an auction. If not then.. oh well.

*Note: I'm really sorry about not updating at all lately. School gets in the way most of the time. > < I promise from now on I will try to do at least 2 reviews a month. And like I said, don't hesitate to ask me to review something. 

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