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Hello everyone! ^^ Today I have a new haul to share with you guys, but before I do that, a quick shout out to Tiffany from Sample Hime. This haul wouldn't have happened without her so thank you so much Tiffany for helping me order these :D If you guys haven't seen her blog before, go check it out. She has a ton of reviews on all different kinds of products, and if you follow her Instagram she constantly uploads pictures of her every day life, hauls, and food (which always makes me really hungry) that you normally wouldn't find on her blog. Also, she currently has a giveaway going on so join before it's too late. Anyways, back to the haul~ 

Ordered: 01/25/2014
Shipped: 01/29/2014
Received: 02/13/2014
I probably picked one of the worst times to order since it was almost the Lunar New Year. However the package arrived a lot quicker than I thought it would so yay lol I picked registered air mail which is the cheapest option. 

The box was interesting this time because instead of being made of cardboard, it was made out of plastic! At first I kind of frowned at all the tape they used to protect the box because that meant I had to get all the tape off in order to recycle the box, but then I noticed how hard the box was. I've never seen a plastic box used for packages before but it's nice since it's a lot more durable and protective than a cardboard box. 

What I bought: 
tn Sun Balm $9.41
tn AC Clear Shot Day & Night $14.22
If you go here, you can request Testerkorea to add any product from Korea that you want as long as it's available (just provide them the link to the product). And I seriously mean any. I've seen people request hats, beauty products, clothes, and even backpacks! The only shop I know of that sells tn products are overpriced, so I requested them from Testerkorea instead. 

eSpoir Dark Circle Concealer (101 Ivory) $19.61
The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer (2. Rich Beige) $3.43
A bit embarrassing to admit, but I've never used concealer before. lol It's not like I don't need it, but since I don't wear makeup much I didn't see the need to buy any. I spent forever debating whether or not to get the eSpoir Dark Circle Concealer since it's so expensive, however I didn't see any negative reviews on this by Korean bloggers so I thought why not? ^^; 
A'Pieu Green Recipe Sheet Mask (Apple) $0.98
Innisfree It's Real Sheet Mask (Manuka Honey) $0.93
Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack (Jejubija and Tea Tree) $1.47
I love sheet masks because they're a nice thing to treat and pamper your skin with once a week. I don't really think that there's any difference between sheet masks even though a lot of them claim to do this and that. Both of these sheet masks sounded like they would smell really good ^^ And the capsule one was just kind of random lol 

I normally don't even use samples that I receive from other purchases, however I decided to buy some samples of the Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence to try before buying the full size. I've never used eye creams before because I always thought they were a bit unnecessary and expensive, so I bought some samples of this eye cream since I love strawberries. ^^;

Here are the samples that I received :D There isn't a lot but that's okay. The only one I've tried before is the Etude Hosue Collagen Moistfull Cream which I definitely won't be using since it broke me out before. > < 

Let me know if there's any specific product that you would like to see reviewed! I'll definitely try to review those first :)

Happy Valentine's Day! (or in my case Single Awareness Day lol) I hope everyone had a wonderful day with their loved ones. And if you're single like me, don't worry! You don't need a guy to complete you, and sometimes it's actually better to be single since you won't be distracted from school and other more important things in life (at least in my opinion, heh ^^;). 

Thanks for reading~ 


  1. Nice haul ! I like Tn :) waiting for your reviews ~~


  2. All of the products you bought look nice! I'm looking forward to your reviews, especially the TN Sun Balm. It looks like a really interesting product~

    Yay for Single Awareness Day! Lol, I have the same kind of thinking as you. School is like my boyfriend and it already takes up too much of my time. XP

  3. Out of curiosity, when you request an item on TesterKorea how do they price it? Like what % of markup? I've ordered from them before, but only the items that were listed as ready-to-go on the site.

  4. i thought tn is only available on ibuybeauti. nice to know you can actually buy this brand at another place.

  5. They add it to their site at a normal price with no mark up. I've asked for items added and it's still cheaper than basically everywhere--on par with RRS.

  6. Most tn products are only available on iBuyBeauti, but if you want to buy other ones from Testerkorea you have to request it. :)

  7. Hi Rebecca! Like Tiffany said, most of the time they do add it at the normal price (retail price in Korea). However on a few rare occasions they add a few cents or up to $2, but even then it's cheaper than anywhere else.

  8. Thank you :) I'll try to review them soon.

  9. Thanks Catherine! I'll try to review that one soon :)

    LOL I agree, only for me school's kind of like an annoying brother that won't leave me alone.

  10. Nice haul! I've just received my last testerkorea haul yesterday :D By the way, I noticed they cut down the amount of samples they put with every order. The first couple of times I ordered at their store they gave you several packages of samples containing 5 sachets each and now it is just one package with up to 5 sachets...or non at all...ö_Ö

  11. Thanks Fraulein :D And I noticed that too! I remember that if there was a lot of empty room in the box they would put boxes of Skinfood cotton pads, but now they just use foam to fill it up. :/ It's a bit disappointing since they used to give so much, but at least their prices are still the same. ^^;

  12. Great haul, Gloria! they look interesting, looking forward to your reviews ^^

  13. Thank you Misa! I'll try my best to review them soon :)

  14. I've tried the collagen moistfull line, precisely the peeling wash, depsite the fact it didn't give any improvement to my skin, it's also too oily for my combination skin :x Looking forward to your reviews, especially the It's Skin Eye Cream :)


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  15. I've always preferred Etude House makeup over skincare since none of them ever worked for me. ;_; The Collagen Moistfull line is definitely more suitable for dry skin. Thanks for reading Mitch :D

  16. That's nice haul there ;D followed you!

  17. Hi there Joyce~ Thank you for reading! ^^

  18. Testerkorea looks like a good place to shop!

  19. Testerkorea definitely has lower prices than most shops! However they are a bit slow in shipping orders and seem to make more mistakes than other shops that I've shopped at, so that's something to keep in mind when ordering. If you don't mind the wait and are just looking for low prices, Testerkorea's the place to go :)

  20. Well I'd take my chances, because apparently BeautyNetKorea sells fake products @ _ @


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