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Hello everyone! Today I'm going to review another site where you can buy Korean cosmetics from, called "iBuyBeauti". I'm sure many of you have heard about them already so let's begin~

Their website is really easy to navigate, as you can see from the picture above. On the front of their site you can usually see what free gift they're currently offering on purchases above a certain price (in this case it's the Lioele Lip Color Stick in No. 1 on orders above $60 with a tracking number). I'm not sure, but I think they've been around since the beginning of 2013. iBuyBeauti doesn't have a huge selection of products like Testerkorea, but what they do have is a lot of products from brands that you normally don't find such as eSpoir, Sea Tree, Pure Heals, TN, and many more. 

To know the amount of samples you get, you can use this as a reference. I like how they decide on the amount of samples you get depending on the total price of your order rather than the total amount of products you buy. ^^ 

They also have a Youtube where they sub Korean beauty shows like Son Dambi's Beautiful Days and Get It Beauty. You actually learn quite a lot from watching them so definitely check out their channel :)

Anyways, onto my package~

Ordered: 01/21/2014
Shipped: 01/27/2014
Received: 01/18/2014
They offer free worldwide economy shipping, standard shipping with tracking number for just $2.50, and EMS for $24 per item. I chose free shipping of course. lol EMS is really expensive, but since I never choose the option anyways and don't mind waiting, it isn't a real problem for me. 

I probably picked the worst time to order- right before the Lunar New Year, which is why there were so many delays. > < iBuyBeauti has a very safe shipping policy which you can read about here. If they don't ship your package within 3 business days they'll make it up to you, even though this time it wasn't their fault at all. Also, if you happen to live in a country where they have really strict customs, then iBuyBeauti is the place to shop because they will reimburse the extra charges for you as long as you have the tax receipt. If your package is seized by customs, then you get 100% money back. This is way more than any shop ever does since all the shops I know of don't do anything about customs. 

Dimensions: 20 cm x 16 cm x 13.2 cm

The box was a bit beat up but everything inside was so well protected in thick layers of bubble wrap that it didn't matter. ^^

They include a card inside the package~ I find the heart filled with flowers really cute :D I don't know, but I like it when shops have their own personal signature thing that they give out in every order (in most cases thank you or business cards).

What I Bought:
Dr. Jart+ Crtl-A Clarifying Toner & Soothing Moisturizer Set $57.99
Mamonde Real Skin Founder (No. 23) $27.99
I think I mentioned awhile back that my skin has been pretty bad since December last year, so I bought the Dr. Jart+ Ctrl-A set since I've seen many good reviews on it. I'm also really excited to try out the Mamonde Real Skin Founder, mostly because sunnydahye (you guys know her right?) wouldn't stop raving about it. lol ^^; 


I was pleasantly surprised to see the Mac Queen Ultra Moist Cream (full size) since I didn't purchase a tracking number (at the time I ordered the gift of the month was that for purchases $70+). I'm also really happy with all the samples I received since I know that I will actually use them and they gave so much :D Most of the time I never use samples but these I will definitely be trying out. 

I think iBuyBeauti has one of the fastest customer services I've ever seen- they always reply back within 24 hours although usually for me it's more like less than 12 most of the time. Plus Alex Kim is also really nice and helpful. Do keep in mind though that they only work on business days, so if you live in the US and send them an email on Friday, then you'll most likely get a reply Sunday night or Monday morning. 

Also if you just have a question on a specific product, then there's no need to email them :D Just simply leave a comment at the end of the product description and iBuyBeauti will reply to any questions or comments you have. I find this really helpful because this way you can possibly find the answer to your question without even having to ask it. 

(by the way, check out this cute little cartoon that Alex Kim put together which includes pictures of some of the staff members here)

Shipping: 5/5 (free shipping, and 100% safe)
Prices: 4/5 (some of the products are a little expensive compared to their retail price in Korea, but others are nearly or exactly the same)
Customer Service: 5/5

Order from again? 
Definitely yes ^^ They have a lot of products that I've never seen before from brands that I never heard of until I saw their shop (like Pure Heals, Scinic, and TN). Plus they give a lot of samples, and there's free shipping~

I highly recommend that you at least check out iBuyBeauti because I'm sure you'll find a lot of interesting products. :) Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm mesmerized by your samples Gloria! Hahahaha. I love that they give samples according to how much you purchase =) I'm excited to see reviews of the products/samples you got!

  2. Okay the samples are so nice *_* haha but again you purchased quite a lot ^^ I'm curious with the ctrl a line so will be waiting for review ^^

  3. LOL I like that as well. It always annoys me when shops give it samples according to the total number of products, because what if you just buy one thing and it's already over $100? (ahem hangbang brands) I'll try my best to review them soon. ^^

  4. Aren't they? ^^ I'm glad that I've received samples that I'll actually try for once haha I usually like to use skincare products for at least 3 weeks before reviewing them, but after 3 weeks I'll definitely review it :)

  5. I always watch their
    subbed Get it Beauty videos since it's a good way to learn about current
    make-up trends and tricks. I'm curious to see how the Dr.Jart + Ctrl-A set
    works since I also have problematic skin. Looking forward to that and other
    reviews~ The samples you got also look awesome! Your post has reminded me about
    the few products I've been eyeing on IBuyBeauti for a while~

  6. Me too :D I just like watching most of the videos they sub since you can learn a lot from them. If you've been eyeing the products for awhile, then I'd say go for it! I'll try my best to review the set as soon as possible ^^

  7. Oh I'm curious on Dr.jart products *0*

    恵美より ♥


  8. Hi Emi! ^^ It seems like a lot of people are interested in the Dr. Jart set so I'll try to review them as soon as possible. Thank you for reading <3

  9. Ooh Bloglovin has done that to me before. They're slow to update as well sometimes. Don't worry about it :) I'm grateful enough that you even read my blog at all.

  10. I guess I'll just come manually check more often so I don't miss your posts. :) You're even on my "regular reads" list on bloglovin, so this is just silly!

  11. I have been considering trying out products from dr jart ctrl line. Hope to see review by you soon ^^

  12. Hi Hailey! It seems like a lot of people are interested in those products so I will try to review them ASAP. Thank you for reading ^^

  13. Hello!
    I had a question!! I am really worried as I placed an order with ibuybeauti but they didn't send any confirmation e-mail to me saying that they received my order. I ordered them on 14th so its been a week already. I send them messages four times but they haven't replied back. I chose standard free delivery. Did you also not receive the confirmation e-mail after you ordered? Is it how they deal with the shipping? Because in every online shopping I did I always get confirmation email that my order was placed and is in progress. I am quite agitated because my payment has already been taken by them from paypal. Hope nothing is wrong with my order.

  14. Hello Lilam! ^^

    I think iBuyBeauti has been having some problems with their email system, which is why you didn't receive an email about our order. The same thing happened to me as well, and they told me that they were having problems, but not to worry as for the did receive the order and has processed it. I think that must apply to your case as well. However them not replying back is a bit unusual, did you use their "Contact Me" page on their website?

  15. Hi Gloria!!
    Thanks for the reply. It made me feel bit better that you have gone through similar thing. But yah! I did use their contact page twice to send them message. I also send them on their fb page. But no reply yet. I wish they'd reply soon!

  16. Hi there Louis!

    The good thing when you shop with iBuyBeauti is that you don't ever have to pay for any additional fees due to customs. If you do get taxed all you have to do is simply email iBuyBeauti about it with the tax receipt and they'll give you 100% reimbursement for it. I hope that helps! :)

  17. I don't know if there's something wrong with your bloglovin, but I hadn't seen any updates on your posts so I came to check and there's like 8 that haven't showed up in bloglovin for me in my feed! I see it on your bloglovin page when I click it, but not in the list of posts I need to read...

    I swear I haven't been ignoring your blog O.O if I had known sooner...

  18. Thanks a lot for the review. There's one thing that I've been wondering. Would I have to pay for the import tax to get the package in my country? x

  19. ohhh! so glad to hear positive things about IBBI! I really want to try buying from them :)


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