Christmas Package from jst.hero! ❤


Hi there!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! What presents did you get? :D Tell me about it in the comments below↓ 

On Christmas Eve I received a HUGE package from Michelle over at jst.hero. For those of you who don't know Michelle, she is an Aussie beauty blogger that I met through Beautifan, ibuybeauti's review site. We started talking to each other on Line and now I constantly annoy her with my messages. LOLjk Anyways, we've been planning for months to send each other Christmas gifts and now the time has finally come, so today I'll be showing you guys what she sent me. Thank you so much for everything Michelle! 

When the package arrived early in the morning, I was really surprised (and still half asleep OTL). I'm not sure if the picture shows it, but the box was really big.


After jumping around with excitement for awhile I finally sat down to open the box. The whole time I was squealing like a little girl LOL


So after proceeding to take everything out of the box and removing all the bubble wrap, I started to go through all the gifts. 


I was really curious what these were since they were all wrapped up in really cute wrapping paper!
Can you see all the little notes she attached to some things? I started laughing when I realized they were actually chibis of EXO members! How cute is that? 

First off she included a card with a really sweet message inside (which I'll be keeping to myself haha). She also included a paper crane for good luck! THANK YOU UNNIE

I'll start with all the food she sent me first. I swear I have enough snacks to last me for a year now. Michelle said that she won't let me diet and she was definitely right. I'm usually a healthy eater but this Christmas... OTL


She sent me two of her favorite chip flavors from Red Rock Deli! I don't often eat chips but I finished the Honey Soy Chicken flavor in just one day OTL The Lime & Black Pepper ones are also quite good! 


OMG TIM TAMS! I've heard SO much about these and now I'm finally able to try them. They're seriously amazing! My brother keeps trying to take them from me LOL
Here are some other chocolates she sent me! The penguin shaped ones are so adorable! We have Cadbury and Lindt here in the States too, but I've never seen those flavors here so I can't wait to try them~

The hot chocolate and chocolate gift tags are such a cute gift idea! I think the LCMs Rice Bubbles are the Aussie version of Rice Krispies Treats, but they're less sweet which is nice. My brother actually did steal the freeze-dried strawberries from me, but that's okay haha.
Michelle went to Japan recently so she sent me some Japanese snacks. I haven't tried them yet but look really good! Why does Japan have all the fun KitKat flavors? ;__; 
The Strawberries & Cream gummies are also really good! They taste kind of like Gushers (people in the US probably know this childhood snack), but less artificial and much better. Also my mom and brother finished the Shapes in a blink of an eye! 

Thank you so much for all the food Michelle! There goes my healthy diet for the next few days LOL Now, moving onto the non-food related gifts!
EXO ♥ My second favorite boy band after Big Bang, haha. Since Michelle knew that my bias is Baekhyun, she got me a Baekhyun folder! She also included some EXO stickers and other really cute stickers. Thank you! My grandma thought that the picture of Baekhyun was actually a picture of the person who sent the package so she was like "A boy sent this to you?!". I then had to explain to her how that was a picture of a famous idol in Korea, not Michelle. lol OTL

Michelle actually asked me to pick something from Typo, a store that sells stationary and other cute things, so I picked the lanterns since she got Zyro one of them before and they're really pretty. THANK YOU :D She also included a cute 2015 planner as well. I'll definitely be putting that to good use next year!
This pencil case was one of the wrapped up items! When I picked it up it was really heavy, so I opened it and...

Tadah~ There were a ton of little things in there! I was quite surprised by how much the pencil case could fit. In fact, I can see myself using maybe even as a travel makeup pouch since it really does fit a lot of things.

Everything that was inside the case was SO CUTE. I can't wait to try the Aritaum lip balm and Canmake blush! The colors she picked are so pretty. You seriously know me too well Michelle lol

I've never tried Japanese cosmetics before and Michelle was kind enough to get me some (including the Canmake blush) while she was in Japan! Apparently that's her favorite eyebrow coat, so I can't wait to try it~ She also included a pack of LuLuLun sheet masks, Creer Beaute eyeliner, and blotting papers! 
Some more lip products she sent in addition to an Eco Tools brush set. When I went shopping for gifts I was actually thinking about getting this, but then I reminded myself "I'm not shopping for myself, I'm shopping for Michelle and Zyro" so I didn't. So thank you so much Michelle you must be a mind reader! LOL The Mor Macaron Lip Balm is also really cute, and she included two of Australia's best selling multipurpose balms- Lucas Papaw and Lanolips! The Lip Smackers makes me nostalgic about my childhood lol Who remembers buying Lip Smackers as a kid because of their fun "flavors" and bright, colorful packaging? 

Please excuse the lighting in this picture. OTL It started to rain while I was taking the last picture (this one) so the lighting became awful. Cali weather has been so bipolar lately- sunny one second, raining the next.
She was also kind enough to get a hand cream for my mom! Thank you so much! My mom also says "Thanks" ^^ She was really happy to receive something~

Omg those socks are so adorable! She also sent some little accessories like a keychain and phone charm. Doesn't the phone charm look like something from Anna Sui? It's actually a tiny mirror! 
Last but not least, some of the other cosmetics she got me while she was in Korea. I was so excited to see the VDL cushion and Mamonde rose balm since they're limited holiday editions and Michelle knew how much I've been wanting them LOL She also included a lollipop from VDL which I think was a gift for buying something from their Dylan Candy Bar holiday collection!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING MICHELLE ♥ I now have enough food to last me for 2015 and enough lip balms to last me for years! I can't wait to try everything out ^^You seriously sent too much ;__; The whole time I was opening the package I was actually silent because I was so awestruck by how much she sent. You've totally spoiled me OTL

If you want to see want I sent Michelle, then click HERE. Also be sure to check out her blog ( as well!

That's all for today~ I'm sorry if I annoyed you guys with my constant "omgs" and excessive exclamation marks. >__< Thank you all for reading and I wish you all a happy holidays! ❤

Primary Raw DIY Soy Candle Review

The product reviewed was sponsored by Memebox. All thoughts and opinions expressed are based on my experiences and 100% honest.

Hello everyone! 

Today's review is going to differ a little bit from the usual beauty reviews. Instead, I'll be reviewing a DIY soy candle from Primary Raw. I don't know about you, but when I was little I used to LOVE those DIY arts and crafts kits. (admittedly... I still do). So when I saw that Memebox sent me this kit, I was pretty excited. I've never made my own candle before, but it shouldn't be that hard... right?

Skin Watchers UV Success Sun Block Review

The product reviewed was sponsored by Jolse. All thoughts and opinions expressed are based on my experiences and 100% honest.

Sunscreen is an essential part of your skincare routine (and if it isn't, it should be!), especially if you're going to be outside for the day. The sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin such as premature aging (wrinkles), increased melanin production, brown spots, and can even lead to skin cancer. A few ways you can prevent that is by wearing a hat, staying in the shade, and of course, sunscreen! A good sunscreen will help protect your skin from any potential damage the sun could cause, but only if it protects it from UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays are what cause sunburns and only damage the surface layer of your skin, whereas UVA rays can penetrate deeper into your skin and cause tanning. Both of these rays can cause skin cancer and premature aging, which is why protecting your skin from the sun is so important.

 Today, I'll be reviewing a sunscreen from Skin Watchers, a brand that works on developing quality products for your skin. Their UV Success Sun Block boasts to be the only paraben-free sunscreen, and it supposedly lasts for 12+ hours. That's a big claim in itself, so let's see if it does its job shall we? 

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer Review

The product reviewed was sponsored by Jolse. All thoughts and opinions expressed are based on my experiences and 100% honest. 

Hello everyone! 

I apologize for the lack of updates. Finals ended this Friday so during that time I was really busy with studying and other schoolwork. However, now that winter break has started I'll be posting more often and hopefully finish up a few reviews I've been meaning to post! 

Today I'll be reviewing another Etude House product, the Proof 10 Eye Primer. I used to think that primers were pointless, and saw them as an extra, unnecessary step. What do you need to prime your eyes for anyways? As someone who rarely used to use eye makeup, I didn't bother with any primers. However, it turns out they're pretty important if you're going to use eyeshadow. Not only will a primer improve the longevity of your eye makeup, it'll also improve the pigmentation of shadows. So let's see if this eye primer does what it's supposed to do, shall we? 

Memebox Superbox #53 My Honey Box Review

The box featured was provided for review by Memebox All thoughts and opinions expressed are based on my experiences and 100% honest.

Hello December, goodbye November! And the countdown to Christmas begins...

When I first saw that I received the My Honey Box from Memebox, I was so excited that I was jumping around as I opened it. Honey is one of my favorite skincare ingredients due to its many benefits such as brightening, nourishing, and repairing damaged skin. It's also full of antioxidants that help give your skin that youthful, radiant look. So it was without hesitation that I plunged into this box and began testing the products immediately. I've used these products for a little more than 2 weeks, so I would say that I've experience most of the effects each product has. So without further ado, let's begin this review! But before that, here's a little information about Memebox for those who aren't familiar with them: 

Memebox, pronounced "Mi-mi-box", is a Korean beauty box and e-commerce retailer that is based in Korea. Currently the #1 beauty box provider in Korea, they started shipping to the US and other countries (see the list here to see which countries they ship to) back in November 2013. They do not offer monthly subscription plans, but they're constantly releasing new boxes every month. At the moment they carry four different types of beauty boxes: 
  • Memebox Global BoxThe original Memebox ($23 + shipping) that comes with 4-8 full-sized products and deluxe samples.
  • Memebox Special Edition: Designed to meet various concerns, beauty trends, and seasonal needs, this box also comes with 4-8 full-sized products and deluxe samples. The prices range from ~$19-$32 + shipping. 
  • Superbox: Made up of full-sized products only, each Superbox comes with its own theme, designed to target specific concerns or collaborations with a brand. Prices start at ~$19 + shipping. 
  • Luckybox: Products in this box are based on selections from past Memeboxes. Luckyboxes aren't released as frequently as the other boxes, and are priced at $23 + shipping with 4-8 full-sized products and deluxe samples.
In addition to beauty boxes, Memebox also has a Memeshop where they sell products from numerous Korean cosmetic and skincare brands. The box I will be reviewing today is a Superbox.

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