Review: 3 Concept Eyes Apple Tint (Orange)

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Update + I'm Back!

Hello everyone! 

I'm terribly sorry for the lack of posts for nearly 2 months. As those of you who follow my Instagram may know, I went to China on June 23. Now, you might be wondering, what does that have to do with anything? Unfortunately, it has to do with everything. A lot of social networks are blocked in China, such as Facebook, YouTube, and of course Blogger just had to be included in the list. Due to that, I wasn't able to log on, post, or read posts by others. :/ There is good news though! 

Did anyone miss me? Loljk who am I kidding OTL 

And I'll be updating every day until you guys are sick of seeing me in your blog feed. Just kidding. But I will post at least once a week, that I can promise you. Speaking of posts, here's what I was wondering- are any of you interested in reading about my nearly-one-month-long trip? If you guys are, then I will gladly start sorting through pictures and putting things into parts. It may take me awhile but I'll try my best to get the first part up in the middle of August (or earlier). If not, then I won't go through all that trouble ^^;

This is just a quick update. Starting tomorrow, I'll be posting reviews at least once a week. I'm so behind on everything. According to Bloglovin I have over 250 posts to read, so for those of you who thought that I was ignoring your posts (which I would never do!), I didn't intend to do so. OTL Anyways, I'm off to catch up on Running Man lol Let's just say it's good to be home after spending a month in a very polluted atmosphere.

Thank you to the lovely Zyro for shouting at me to update and telling me that she missed my reviews xD Good-bye for now~

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