My Current Korean Skincare Routine | Nov 2016

Boy has it been awhile since I last posted.

Hello everyone! Apologies for the short hiatus I took recently, I've been really busy with school and college apps ever since August and haven't had time to work on posts until now. Did I ever mention how stressful senior year is? Well, it is.

Also, unfortunately, my skin had one of its worst breakouts back in late June and didn't really start calming down until a month ago :( It seemed like I had a new acne spot every other day, so whenever I tried a new product, I had no idea whether or not the product was actually the culprit. Therefore I had to hold off on testing out skincare until I knew for sure that my experience wouldn't be skewed by whatever was causing my skin to breakout.

Luckily, everything seems to be returning to normal now, except for the number of acne scars I have due to the breakouts, but only time can fix that really. I realized a week ago that I've never posted about my skincare routine, and that's for a silly reason- I kept waiting to find the perfect base routine. I thought that it'd only be acceptable to write about my skincare routine once I'd found all of my holy grails, but what's the point of writing a blog about my beauty journey if I don't include all the steps along the way? So today I'm going to show you guys my current skincare routine! I figured that this post would also be a good way to revisit products I've reviewed and to let you guys know "Hey, this product was actually worth repurchasing!" My skin can't really handle constantly switching products, so whatever I list below are the products I stick to until I run out or I'm sent a new product to try. Mind you there are some days I don't use all the steps, but that's only if my skin is a bit oilier than normal. Anyways, let's begin!

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