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Hi there! It feels like it's been forever since I last blogged, and I apologize for my irregular schedule. Lately it's been getting more difficult to keep up with blogging because of school and work, but hopefully I can figure out a better schedule soon!

Today's review is on a product that's been highly raved about by many people- the Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream, aka Joseon Beauty Cream. I wasn't too interested in the cream when I first heard of it, because I always associated hanbang as something more for people in their mid-20's and up, but eventually the positive reviews got to me. Luckily Memebox somehow read my mind back then and sent me this for review, so a huge thank you to the Memebox fam!

I've sat down in attempt to write this review probably at least 5 times but couldn't put my opinions into words, hence why this review took so long to come to life. Or more like my opinion kept changing. But it's finally been finalized! (after 2+ months of testing...  my skin needs to be more decisive lol It's kind of a problem).

Anyways, enough rambling and let's get on with the review!

Product Info
조선미녀 크림
Name: Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream
Price: 39,000 KRW
Size: 50ml

Description: A multifunctional skincare cream that embraces natural oriental beauty by giving you fair, soft and youthful skin. Infused with premium natural ingredients including Korean ginseng and orchid extract, this cream is rich in high quality nutrients beneficial to the skin’s improvement. It provides proper moisture to keep the skin beautifully glowy all throughout the day while also balancing melanin production to enhance complexion. This also serves as an excellent anti-aging cream as it effectively firms and improves elasticity of the skin to diminish appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
(taken from

Normally here for ingredients I'd give some basic information on the ingredients of this cream. However, instead of me giving you just the basics and skimming the surface of everything, I highly recommend that all of you go read Snow White and the Asian Pear's breakdown of the ingredients list! (read the review as well if you haven't, it'll give you insight into what this cream is like for someone with dry skin, as opposed to my dehydrated oily skin).

Here is the box that the cream came in:


The cream is packaged in a frosted glass jar and plastic silver lid. The words (Joseon Beauty) are printed on as if they were painted on with a brush and black ink. The calligraphic style fits perfectly with the time era this cream is named after (Joseon), since it looks old and traditional, but also elegant! Honestly this cream sounds and looks like it's fit for a queen, or in this case, an empress.

I was a little bummed out that the manufacturer decided to stop adding the paper cover on top of lid, especially since the paper made the jar look so much prettier, but oh well.

The jar may look small, but don't be fooled by its size. A little goes a looong way. Seriously. After using this continuously for a month, it seemed like the amount hadn't decreased at all:

Okay maybe by like a few millimeters.

It looks like it's a third empty, but trust me, that's just what it looks like when you open it! Unlike most creams, the Joseon Beauty Cream isn't filled to the top. To be honest the first time I opened this cream I thought it had been used before or something because there was so much empty space at the top, but it turns out that that's normal. I actually like how the cream isn't filled all the way to the top because that prevents the cream from getting onto the edges of the jar when you place back the sanitary lid, which is a pet peeve of mine.

This actually came with a spatula, but unfortunately I lost it before I could take any pictures of it. If you're curious what it looks like though, I'm sure you can find pictures of it from other bloggers' reviews!

The scent of this cream isn't anything special, but it's nice! Unlike the heavy floral scent I was expecting, it has a light, fresh, and sweet floral scent that smells exactly like the Primary Raw DoYou Soy Milk Cream, I kid you not. Unless my memory's failing me... nah. I'm pretty sure this is the same scent, or at least very similar. The scent lingers a little bit after application, but because it's not offensive at all, I don't mind.

The cream has a slightly translucent white color with a stretchy kind of texture. It's not thick but not lightweight either, almost a mix between a gel cream and a rich cream? All I can say for sure though is that it's incredibly moisturizing in a non-heavy way. The finish is a little similar to a watery oil, and not sticky at all. After it's absorbed into your skin your face will feel SO soft and silky. Just make sure to apply only a thin layer though if you have anything but dry skin.

For me, a pea sized amount (about half of what is pictured above) is more than enough since anything more would be too much for my skin type. Lately my skin has been leaning more oily/normal, so I've been applying less and less of this cream, Back when the weather was colder, I applied this both day and night a bit more liberally and it helped get rid of the dry patches I would get around my nose. It also helped solve the tightness I'd feel sometimes when weather was really cold and windy, which happens when my skin is dry and dehydrated. However now that the weather is getting warmer (it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit today. NINETY. And it's only just the beginning of April!), I've been using this only at night using just the bare minimum.

I recommend warming up the cream in between your hands first by rubbing them together, and then pressing the palm of your hands onto your face to apply the cream. This helps it absorb much faster and apply more evenly, and also allows me to apply a very thin layer- just enough to give me a bit of moisture but not too much that it feels like it's just sitting on my skin, which happens to be the case sometimes if I apply a little too much. If you do apply this directly on the face with your fingers, the cream spreads very easily.

Memebox recommends using this cream in three different ways: as a sleeping pack, makeup base, or massage cream. I've tried it as a sleeping pack, which it works fairly well as, and as a makeup base... which I have mixed feelings about. When I used it in the day time as a makeup base, my skin looked flawless at first. However, because my skin does get oily easily, it looked like a oily mess after just a few hours since the cream was too moisturizing. I think for people with dry skin, this would be a wonderful base to apply underneath any foundation, BB cream, cushion, etc. But sadly, it doesn't work for anyone whose skin gets oily easily.

I didn't try using this as a massage cream since I don't really do facial massages, so no comment on that option.

Now onto the effects of this cream. Like I mentioned earlier, this helped relieve my skin of any tightness and the flaky skin around my nose that the cold weather had caused. In addition, I feel like it also helped brighten my skin a bit and give it a slight glow. When I used this as a sleeping pack and washed my face the next morning, my skin was incredibly soft and smooth like a baby's butt. In other words, this definitely did its job as a F/W cream for me, so thumbs up! I probably won't be using this once summer hits, however, because by then my face rejects anything that is even slightly on the more emollient side (in order words, every skincare product must be light and watery). But I will definitely consider repurchasing this cream in the future, especially since it didn't break me out while moisturizing and slightly brightening my skin, which is exactly what I look for in a simple cream. I can't comment on its anti-aging properties since I've yet to reach the age where wrinkles and the elasticity of my skin is a concern, but even for just a basic moisturizing cream to give your skin that moist and healthy appearance with a slight glow, this is a really good choice. I hardly ever recommend products to friends because everyone's skin is different, but with this cream I actually told my friend, who has normal/dry skin, to get it (and she did! I'll maybe update this review once she's tried it). I think people with dry skin could probably use this year-round, and for everyone else this would be a great daily winter cream and a summer night cream (or even just as an occasional sleeping pack!).

-Beautiful packaging
-Small and sturdy, not bulky
-Comes with a spatula
-Light scent
-Easy to spread
-Brightens skin
-Didn't break me out
-Got rid of my dry patches
-Non-sticky finish
-Makes my skin soft and silky to the touch

-If too much is applied then it just feels like the cream isn't absorbing all the way
-Can be too moisturizing at times
-Glass packaging, could possibly break

Where to buy:
You can get the Joseon Beauty Dynasty Cream at Memebox HERE for $22.
The product featured was sent to me for review purposes by Memebox. All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine and 100% honest.

I highly recommend checking out the Memebox app, since awhile back they had an app-only deal where this cream was around $15, which was such a steal! I wasn't told to mention the app by the way guys, just doing it because they truly do have some amazing deals sometimes (like right now the Banila Co Clean It Zero is only $12... I'm definitely picking one up).

That's all for today and I'll be back later this afternoon (it's already 1 AM here lol) with an unboxing of a spring-themed beauty box! Thanks for reading~ 

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