Review | Yadah Oh My Sun Slush

One of my biggest regrets growing up is probably not wearing sunscreen, especially when I used to swim and often go outside. In fact, I didn't even start using sunscreen religiously until 2-3 years ago!
(I know, I know, it's so bad considering I live in California, where it's sunny 80% of the time)
Needless to say, I admit that my mom was right, and I totally should've listened to her since I now have a couple of sunspots on my face. In my defense, I hated how sunscreen felt on my skin back then. Because the only brands I ever knew for sunscreen were Neutrogena and Banana Boat, I assumed that all sunscreens had the thick, hard-to-spread texture that made my skin feel so greasy and suffocated. Now I know that there's a whole world of sunscreens out there with finishes and textures that are more agreeable with my skin. Although I used to think that sunscreens with a matte finish and oil-control would better suit my oily t-zones, over the past year or so I've found myself gravitating towards more hydrating sunscreens such as this one.
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