Review: 3 Concept Eyes Apple Tint (Orange)

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Hello everyone!

Today I'll be reviewing a product from a brand that I'm sure many of you have heard of by now, 3 Concept Eyes (3CE). Launched in 2009 by a well known fashion brand  in Korea called Style Nanda, it wasn't really until this year that 3CE started getting attention in the blogosphere internationally, at least to my knowledge. I've heard a lot of positive reviews about their Lip Lacquer, but what about their Apple Tint? 

Name: 3 Concept Eyes Eyes Apple Tint #Orange 

Price: 11,000원

Size: 9g

Description: A multi-use tint in bright orange color. With the orange color like that of a tangerine, the sweet colors blooms up your face! 

The box is very plain and simple, with their logo and product name in the front, and additional information in the back. If what I remember is correct, then all their products have packaging like this. 

Like the box, the bottle is also black and very simple and plain. I think this one of the reasons why 3CE never caught my eye, because their packaging isn't really attractive. I usually don't care too much for packaging but I do admit products with eye-catching and attractive packaging are usually more tempting. However, it is pretty sturdy, and there isn't any possibility of it spilling in your bag at all. 

I thought the applicator would be the usual doe-foot applicator used for most tints, but turns out it's not. The applicator reminds me of nail polish brushes. lol Personally I don't really like it that much because it's not as precise as doe-foot applicators, and it's more difficult to control the amount of product that you use. 

Luckily this is scent-free and it doesn't taste like anything. Most tints I've tried either smell good or bad, but they always have a bitter taste. This tint, however, doesn't contain any fragrance and is tasteless, which is good in my opinion. 

As you can see from the first photo, the texture and color of the tint appears milky, somewhat similar to the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints and other milk tints (The Face Shop, Peripera, etc.). It's quite creamy and easy to apply, just not precisely due to the applicator. It's also moisturizing, just like 3CE claims, and doesn't sink into lip lines nor does it accentuate dry spots. I've noticed that with both of these "milk" tints that I've tried before, all of them were moisturizing and not drying. 

The color is a orange-yellow color, unlike the promo pictures which shows it as a bright orange. It's also very sheer. I'm sorry the second photo isn't very clear >__< And please excuse the faint red line, I was taking a long time while taking pictures for the first photo and the tint stained my arm a lot more than it would've if I had just spread it out in the beginning. Anyways, like I mentioned, it's very sheer and not that pigmented. Maybe it's because of my dark lips? It just adds a very faint peachy tint to my lips, but it does look a lot more natural. Actually, if you look at the promo pictures of the model as well, the color showed up more orange on her lips, but it was still quite light. 

I think this is just a so-so product, especially for its price. There are plenty of tints with a similar texture and color that are cheaper than this. I like how it's moisturizing and doesn't sink into lip lines, but that's an aspect that some cheaper options also have. Also, like most milk tints, it only has an okay lasting power (3 hours max), and fades noticeably after eating. Luckily it doesn't transfer when drinking, and only fades slightly. For its price, I also think the packaging could be at least slightly more appealing. Alas, this simple black color with white text is 3CE's signature look which won't change with any of their products. ^^;

The sheerness of the tint is both a pro and a con, depending on what you're looking for. Personally I prefer more natural looks so I like how it's not so bright. However, if you like bright lip colors then this definitely isn't for you. lol Even though 3CE eyes says this is a duo function tint which can also work on your cheeks, I never tried it because the color doesn't seem suitable at all for a blush (that, and the fact that I hardly ever wear them). But if you're into orange-yellow blushes, then give it a go~ Makeup is all about experimenting after all! 

Even though I do like this for days when I don't feel like putting on any makeup and just want have a bit of color on my lips, I wouldn't repurchase it due to its price and how it compares to cheaper, similar tints. If you want to try this though I wouldn't not recommend it, since it is a nice tint if you like sheer colors. ^^ 

-Sturdy packaging
-Travel friendly
-Easy to apply and spread
-Natural result 
-Doesn't sink into lip lines
-Duo function
-Doesn't transfer

-A bit expensive
-Boring, simple packaging
-Very sheer
-Okay lasting power (3 hours max)
-Fades quite a bit after eating/a little after drinking
-Brush applicator not very precise
-Hard to control the amount applied sometimes due to applicator
-Color isn't suitable as a blush (in my opinion)

Overall Score: 3/5

Where to buy: Get yours at Honest Skin for $12.28. However (and here's the good news!), if you currently have an account with them then you can get this for just $6.28! Hurry though, because this offer only lasts until July 31 (I'm sorry for being so late OTL). 


What about you?
Do you prefer sheer tints or bright ones? Have you ever tried these "milk" tints before?

I'll be back again this weekend with another review! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer 


  1. If it's me, I like the pigmented ones but sometime I want it to be less pigmented so I could finish using it faster (since you only need use little amount if you're using the pigmented ones). Yup, milk tints are moisturizing than water tints however they usually don't last long on your lips. I wonder if this one actually has a great wear time? Thank you for the wonderful review! Cough- still waiting for your trip post!

  2. Omg I've been so scatterbrained lately. I can't believe I forgot to mention two important things in this review. OTL Thank you for reminding me Zyro! The wear time for this was just so-so, like other milk tints I've tried. It also fades quite a bit after eating. Haha, good point! Pigmented lip products take forever to finish because I always use very little. I will try to post about the trip ASAP. Please wait a bit longer sensei~ Thanks for reading! ^^

  3. I'm surprised at how light this is. Orange is in right now, but orange-yellow is kind of .... odd.

  4. No biggie. Thought so! Haha. Wait again? Bye then. LOLjk. You're welcome my cutie pie Gloria. <3 <3 <3 *winkuwinku*

  5. It does look natural, but I think that's mostly due to my lips naturally being pigmented so the orange-yellow enhances the pink more rather than showing up as its true color xD I honestly think that 3CE is overpriced. This actually is good for ulzzang gradient lips, but I'd rather get the cheaper options lol Thanks for reading Aimee ^^

  6. I prefer brighter lip colors too (not too bright though lol), so I don't find myself using this often. I do use this though when I use a water tint since it helps combat the dryness, plus it's so sheer that it doesn't really do anything to the other tint's color, haha. I agree, it's definitely a bit expensive. If you're just thinking of trying a milk tint then I think you could just get one of the cheaper options (like Peripera's), they're just as good! Thanks for reading Catherine~ ^^

  7. My thoughts exactly! When I first opened the tint, I was kind of surprised by the color. I thought that it'd be a bright to light orange, but definitely not with a hint of yellow in it. Thanks for reading Rebecca :)


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