Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection

Does anyone remember when Etude House released a Cinderella Any Cushion Case? No? Well that's probably good because the packaging was very childish, and not that attractive. At that time, when Marxie first told me about Etude House releasing Cinderella themed products (this was before Etude House made any announcements), we both thought they would be releasing a whole collection since they didn't release one for spring. When we found out that it was just a cushion case (a childish one at that!), we were both quite disappointed. There's just so many more ideas and products they could develop with a Cinderella theme, you know? Alas, Etude House has collaborated with Disney once again to bring us the Princess Happy Ending collection, featuring four of Disney's original princesses: Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Snow White. I feel like this collection kind of sneaked on us and came as surprise because between the time they announced the collection and the time the released it, there was only 1 day of waiting time. That's quite short isn't it compared to how long we had to wait for the Princess Etoinette 2 collection? lol

There are a total of 5 different products in this collection, including nail polishes, lipsticks, blushers, a BB cream, and a mascara. I'll start with the BB cream first.

Princess Happy Ending Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit
프린세스 해피엔딩 진주알 맑은 BB크림 블루밍핏 | 60g
In order for it to fit the Snow White theme, Etude House repackaged the original Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit,which they recently upgraded this summer, in white with red apples instead of their usual pink. Actually, if any of you guys follow Etude House's official Facebook page, you would've seen this product used in this video here, along with the new Snow White themed lipstick. This is only available in 2 shades, N02 Light Beige and W13 Natural Beige.

Princess Happy Ending Lipstick 
프린세스 해피엔딩 립스 | 3.5g
It seems like orchid lipsticks are a trend this year! Along with a Snow White themed lipstick, Etude House also released one for Belle as well. From the promo pictures, it looks like the lipsticks will be moisturizing with a glossy finish. Isn't the packaging for the Belle lipstick really pretty? *-* I love how elegant it looks with the gold swirls on a pale pink background. Sadly the shade isn't really my color, so I'll pass on it. This is available in Apple Red, a fitting name and color for a Snow White lipstick, and Purple Rose.

Princess Happy Ending Rose Cheek Blusher
프린세스 해피엔딩 로즈 치크 블러셔 | 4.8g
According to Etude House this uses the "straight dough method", a method in which the contents of the powder are kneaded at once and matured after being molded into different sizes. Apparently it strengthens cohesion and stability, and allows for smooth and even application. Honestly I don't really like the packaging for this very much. Plus I don't wear blush, so I won't be purchasing this. Once again, this is also available in 2 shades, Light Pink Rose and Light Coral Rose.

Happy Princess Ending Fairy Glitter Shadow 
프린세스 해피엔딩 페어리 글리터 섀도우 | 4.5g
For Cinderella, Etude House released three eye shadows in somewhat natural colors (save the pink one) that are glittery/pearly. The three shades are No. 1 Pink Glass Slipper, No. 2 Magic Pumpkin, and No. 3 Evening Party. The names suite Cinderella's story very well, eh? xD

Princess Happy Ending Lash Perm Proof Shockcara
프린세스 해피엔딩 래쉬펌 방수 쇼크카라 | 10g
This is again another repackaging of the original Lash Perm Proof Shockcara that Etude House released for their Lock'N Summer collection. So if you already purchased that one before, then there's absolutely no need to purchase this unless you just have to have this packaging. The box (shown in the very first photo of this post) looks better than the actual mascara tube in my opinion. lol Since I don't like mascara because it never works for me, I'll be skipping on this as well.

Princess Happy Ending Nail Kit
프린세스 해피엔딩 네일키트 | 8mlx2
The last product of the Princess Happy Ending (this name is such a mouthful =__=) collection, the nail kits with one kit for each princess. This is the only product of the collection that I actually like, haha. Personally I like the Cinderella and Snow White ones best *-* Although the Belle and Jasmine kits are pretty as well, they're more on the elegant side as opposed to the Snow White one, which is more cute. Don't take me wrong though! I like both elegant and cute things. lol 

So what do you guys think of this collection? Do you plan on purchasing anything from it? Currently there aren't any shops that are selling products from this collection yet, but I will update this post as soon as there are any!

All photos above are from Etude House and were only edited by me.


  1. I saw this collection!!! I'm so exciteddddd~ :D Especially for the Belle blushers because they're gorgeous... <3 as well as the glitter eyeshadows. They look perfect for Fall season. :) Thanks for the post Gloria~ ^_^

    Love, Aimee

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  2. After following Etude for awhile, I feel like they keep releasing the same products with slightly better formulas/more benefits/different colors in different packagings so I'm not really interested in this line. Imo the Princess Happy Ending Lipstick resembles Xoxo Minnie Kissing Lips, Princess Happy Ending Lash Perm Proof Shockcara resembles the old Shockara with different wand and maybe slightly different formula and obviously the Princess Happy Ending Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit which is repackaged of the original Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit. So NAYYYYY, I'm not getting any from this line.

  3. I agree! I'm getting less and less interested in their products now because they're basically the same thing, just different packaging most of the time. lol I actually mentioned all of that (other than the Minnie Kissing Lips) in my post~ Etude House's packaging looks cheap often times haha. I don't want to get anything but the nail polishes LOL Thanks for reading Zyro~! ^^

  4. I agree, the glitter eye shadows look like they'd work great for fall. ^^ I wish Etude House released more products for this collection though. I think in terms of packaging the Belle products definitely rank first, they're so elegant and pretty~ *-* Thank you for reading Aimee! <3

  5. I would love to try the snow white and the Belle products just for the reason of the packaging. I also like the color of the coral blusher. the eyeshadow and the mascara, aswell as the nail polish look less interesting for me. Maybe I'll fall for the BB cream though...

  6. Ah yes.. the packaging. The sole reason to blame for many of my impulse purchases, haha. If you've tried the Precious Mineral BB Cream before in Bright Fit and liked it then I would recommend purchasing it! If not then maybe pass on it... Thanks for reading Fraulein~ ^^

  7. That blush is a must try for me :D

  8. The rose design is pretty isn't it? I feel like the plastic case looks a bit weak though. Hopefully shops start selling this soon! If you do get it I'd love to read your review on it. Thank you for reading Coco! :)

  9. The packaging is so cute and I love the nail polish idea/theme! :)

    ♡ ♡

  10. I'm only interested in the nail polish too, haha. I agree, the colors and designs are really nice and cute! ^^ Thank you for reading Catherine :)

  11. I have tried the Lipstick s but they were so vivud :)

  12. You've already tried them? Wow, you got them really quickly then! Lol It's good to hear that they're vivid ^^ Do you like them?

  13. I was in Korea a while ago so I've swatched some in Etude House :) they are pigmented ;)

  14. I agree, the packaging is quite cute. I really like the nail polish sets too :D Thanks for reading Marika~!


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