Review: Aritaum Honey Melting Tint (No. 4 and 9)

Hello everyone~ ^^ 

Today I'll be reviewing a lip product from Aritaum, another brand that is also under Amore Pacific. Did you know that Aritaum stores in Korea often sell not just its own products, but products from Laneige, IOPE, and other Amore Pacific brands as well? Anyways, the product featured today is rumored to be a possible dupe for the MAC Huggable Lipcolour Lipsticks, but at a way more affordable price. Although I haven't tried MAC products before (and have no interest to), I would say from I've seen that you wouldn't be missing out by much if you settled for this cheaper option instead. 

I actually didn't plan to purchase this at all, until Zyro raved about it. According to her, it was not only pigmented but also moisturizing. After hearing that, I was really tempted to try it and spent a long time trying to decide on which shades to try. In the end, I settled on No. 4 Raspberry Cake and No. 9 Peach Crumble. 

아리따움 허니 멜팅 틴트 (04호라즈베리 케익 & 09호 피치 크럼블) 
Name: Aritaum Honey Melting Tint (No. 4 Raspberry Cake & No. 9 Peach Crumble)
Price: 8,000
Size: 4g
Description: Lip Balm + Tint! 
-Honey ingredients melts onto lips like a lip balm
-Collagen wraps lips as preventing smudging around edge of lips
-Natural floral ingredients are used for making pigmentation, which is for making long-lasting vivid lips. 
(translation cr: iBuybeauti)

The Honey Melting Tints did not come packaged in a box, but that's okay. Their packaging is quite simple and a bit plain, with the words "Honey Melting Tint" printed on the front of the cap and its shade name  on the side. The cap color is corresponding to the shade of the actual tint. The tube and cap are made out of plastic, and both are quite sturdy. The cap is also very secure, so you would have to worry about it possibly falling off in your bag. lol  

The bullet is very much like the Innisfree Color Glow Lipsticks, only it's not as rounded and more flat. Personally I don't care about the bullet shape that much, but this kind makes it easier to apply for full lips. However I do admit it's a bit more difficult for gradient lips if you're trying to apply it in the center. 

I really like the scents ^^ Raspberry Cake has a sweet floral scent that isn't strong, if you lean in close you can smell a subtle hint of raspberry. Most floral scents give me headaches but this one doesn't. Yay. lol Peach Crumble has a fruity and somewhat tangy scent, and if you lean in close enough you'll smell a hint of peach. Both of these scents fade immediately after application.

For some reason the color in the indoors swatch is off by quite a bit OTL However, the color is quite accurate in the outdoors swatch. No matter what I do the packaging and bullet for Peach Crumble always appears more orange in the photos, but it's actually a peachy-orange.  /sigh I really need a new camera.

Raspberry Cake is an absolutely gorgeous dark pink that is still quite bright. According to Aritaum this is for chic styles, and I agree! It's very pigmented too as you can see in the swatches above. I applied a very thin layer to my lips for the swatch, but if you apply a normal layer then it's possible to get the same result as the swatch on my arm. As you can see in the outdoors swatch, the finish is slightly glossy and a bit translucent. This is why the resulting color will differ for each person depending on their natural lip color. The color is also buildable, so depending on how bright and vivid you want it to be, you can apply more or less.

Peach Crumble is a peachy-orange color that is more natural looking than Raspberry Cake. I really like using it for everyday looks~ Although it is also pigmented, I feel that it's more suitable for paler lips because it takes two layers for the color to show up well on my pigmented lips. >__< Apparently Peach Crumble is for a pure style, which is quite an accurate description of the resulting look. 

Both of these tints (or balms?) are moisturizing and pigmented, just like Aritaum claimed! However, it isn't smudge-proof. The color transfers very easily. Luckily it does leave a noticeable tint behind. Although that might not be a good thing if you wipe your mouth while you're wearing it and accidentally smear it across your face... xD The texture is very similar to a lip balm, but it feels a bit thicker? lol It's buttery and glides on smoothly. Because I carried this around a lot and it's summer right now, the tint melted a little due to the heat and the inside of the tube got a little messy. 

I really like these tints! *-* The colors are very pretty, it's moisturizing, and the slightly glossy finish is another plus. I like how even though it's pigmented, it doesn't sink into lip lines. However it does accentuate flaky/dry areas. Just make sure to exfoliate and stay hydrated! Now that I'm back in Cali my lips easily get chapped in this dry heat. OTL 

Because of its glossy finish and bright color, it also brightens your complexion a little. I personally prefer to use Raspberry Cake for gradient lips on the inside because I find the color a bit too vivid(?)  for full lips. It's mostly because I'm not used to seeing myself wearing darker pinks lol One thing I don't like though is how it smudges and transfers very easily. It transfers even when I gently press my lips to some tissues or a cup. This makes the wear time a lot shorter if you eat or drink. Without eating or drinking it lasts about 3-4 hours. 

Overall this is a moisturizing and pigmented balm-like tint that has a somewhat glossy finish. It's cheap and affordable, so for its price the quality is quite nice. Although if you prefer matte finishes then this product probably isn't for you. I'm considering getting a few more shades from this line, but because brands are always releasing new lip products, I probably won't buy any more lol There's just too many other products to try. 

-Sturdy packaging
-Pretty colors
-Slightly glossy finish (might be a con for some)
-Slightly brightens complexion 
-Buildable color
-Glides on smoothly
-Nice scent
-Doesn't sink into lip lines
-Good selection of shades

-Boring, simple packaging
-Transfers easily
-Smudges easily
-Accentuates dry/flaky spots
-Average lasting power

Overall Score: 4/5

Where to buy:
-iBuyBeauti $10.99 (free shipping)
-Jolse $10.48 (free shipping)
-W2Beauty $12.50 (get a $5 voucher when you enter my code 04308009 at registration)
-Testerkorea $8.16
-BeautynetKorea $10.98 $9.89 (free shipping)

Do you prefer matte or glossy finishes? Would you be interested in trying this tint? 


  1. both colors are gorgeous!! love them!!

  2. I definitely have a lot of lip products too, but I always end up buying more, haha. Matte finishes accentuate my chapped lips too >__< Thanks for reading Aimee! ^^

  3. Aren't they? I love how nice the quality is for its price. Thanks for reading Oreleona! :)

  4. I love both shades ^^ If only they didn't smudge that easily then it'll be perfect!

    恵美より ♥

  5. I know right? I wish they didn't smudge easily too, but at least the colors are nice ^^ Thank you for reading Emi!

  6. I agree, it'd be great if it didn't accentuate dry patches or smear so easily! > < Thank you for reading, Charmaine :) I'll definitely check out your giveaway.


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