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*Disclaimer: This review was sponsored by Twofacemall. All opinions expressed are mine and 100% honest.

Hello everyone! Today I have a short review on two eye shadows from Etude House's Look At My Eyes Cafe. If I'm not mistaken one of the colors was released back when Etude House first released their XOXO Minnie collection, and the other one has been around for awhile. This is probably one of the few eye shadow reviews I'll be doing since I normally don't wear eye shadows due to my complete lack of skills in eye makeup. ;__;

에뛰드 하우스 앳 마이 아이즈 카페 (PK001 피치 라떼 & PK004 딥 베리 소다)
Name: Etude House Look At My Eyes Cafe (PK001 Peach Latte & PK004 Deep Berry Soda)
Price: 3,500
Size: 2g

Diameter: 4 cm
The packaging is very simple but cute at the same time. You can see hearts on the eye shadows which every Etude House single eye shadow has (sadly those will wear out over time). Although it's made out of plastic, the container is actually quite sturdy and even a little hard to open sometimes. On the back of the container you'll find the manufacture date printed on it. 
Height: 1.3 cm
It's a little hard to photograph clear plastic on a white background, so if you can't see the picture very well kindly tilt your screen back a bit. ^^; 

It was kind of hard to take pictures of the true color of the eye shadows since the lighting wasn't so great today, however the image you see up there is pretty close to the actual colors. Both appear to be matte shadows but Peach Latte has some glitter in it. I still consider it a matte shadow though since the glitter is barely noticeable. I was actually a bit surprise when I first saw the color of PK004 because the promotion pictures show it as a cherry brown color, whereas the actual color is more burgundy pink. 

I only swatched PK004 once, but for PK001 I had to swatch it several times. The texture is a bit powdery but they apply smoothly. PK001 is, as the name "Peach Latte" suggests, a sheer peachy color that would look nice as a base, or on people with pale skin. PK004 would be good for a chic look or a fall burgundy makeup look. It seems like this color is kind of the "it" color this fall. Lol I would say that the pigmentation for PK004 is okay whereas PK001 is a bit too sheer.

They did smear a little bit when I rubbed on them, but I had to rub my arm a lot to get it to smear as much as it did in the picture (and that wouldn't happen unless you rub your eyes really hard- which I hope you don't!). 

I think the quality of the eye shadows are just so-so, but since the price is very cheap I don't mind. I actually thought the quality would be worse ^^; So I would say that the quality is just right for the price you pay. PK001 is good for natural or everyday makeup looks, but I think it suits people with pale skin more. PK004 is something that would be better for special occasions but not for everyday wear (unless you're a red/burgundy eye shadow kind of girl, in which that case be my guest~). If you don't like pink eye shadows (like me lol), you can still check out other Etude House eye shadows from their Look At My Eye lines. They have A LOT of shades to choose from, including glittery and pearl eye shadows as well. :)

-Lots of shades to choose from
-Smooth application
-Sturdy packaging
-Cute heart pattern 

-So-so quality
-A bit too sheer
-Hard to open sometimes

Overall Score: 3.7/5

Where to buy:
Twofacemall for $5.20

Not in the same shades but possibly in the future. Maybe once I improve my eye makeup skills and actually start wearing eye shadow I will. ^^;

What about you?
Have you tried Etude House eye shadows before? 

That's it for the review! I have so many things to do right now, but the good news is that I've finally worked out a blogging schedule. Now assuming that I actually follow the schedule, that'd be even better news. Thanks for reading~ :D


  1. Oh~ Your picture quality is pretty amazing~ ^_^ I love the fancy wording you have going on~ <3

    The product itself seems pretty decent. I really like the berry pretty~ It'd look good if it's paired with a lighter red/pink shade. Sort of make it a soft berry smokey eye~ ^_^ And berry colored lips too~ (Is that too much berry... ><) The lighter peach shades seems like it'd be a decent color for the inner corners of your eyes as well!

    But anyway, thanks for the little review! (I'm glad to know you have a blogging schedule~~ xD If only I had one...but unfortunately college takes up most of my time ;-;

    Love, Aimee

  2. Thank you so much Aimee <3 Haha I'm flattered, but really there's still plenty of room for improvement. ^^;

    A soft berry smokey eye sounds good, I can actually kind of picture doing that with this eye shadow. You know, the Etude House Rosy Tints in #8 After Blossom has a very similar shade to the berry eye shadow, but when I tried them together it just looked a bit off > <

    I'm sure you'll find a way to balance college and blogging soon. Good luck! :)

  3. Girlll you're getting older, you need to get a primer lol! But I agree, the berry soda one was so disappointing because it's pink not red...I suppose the technical name should've told me that but I wasn't paying attention i guess. =(

  4. I've been meaning to but every time I forget about it. lol It doesn't matter to me that much right now though since I don't wear eye makeup. I should've payed attention to the "PK", but at that time I was just thinking that it would look like the promo pics. How silly it was of me to forget that often times Etude House colors don't look like the way they appear to be in pictures.

  5. I got one of them and it was a bit too sheer for me too... Great review and photos <3

  6. I don´t tried that eyeshadows from Etude House but the packaging looks cute, I´m not sure about it but thanks for your review sweetie, is nice kow how looks cute swatches!

  7. Yeah, plus I don't really like pink eye shadows that much... lol Thanks for reading Yomi :)

  8. I'd try one of them and if you don't like it then no loss since they're very cheap. :) Thanks for reading Sakurano <3


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