Update: I'm Going to Seoul!

Hey there!

I'm so sorry for not posting anything for the past two months. School eventually took over a majority of my time, and when finals week came it was hell. But! School did finally end a week ago, and during that time I gave myself a week to rest and not write anything. Now it's time to get back to work!

I'm really thankful to all my sponsors for being so patient. I'll be back later this week with a review! 

On to the more exciting news- I'm going to be in Seoul for 6 weeks! Yes, you read that right. However, unfortunately, it will not be weeks of vacationing for me. I'm attending Korea University's International Summer Campus for their Pre-College Program. 

Why Korea? you might ask. 

I was originally looking into pre-college programs in the US, since I'm interested in studying marketing and wanted to get a feel of what it's like, but found them to be really expensive. Then I can across Korea University, which is a couple thousand dollars cheaper, even with the plane ticket. So KU it is.

Right now I'm just starting to pack even though I leave Thursday morning (procrastination to the max, I know). I'm still trying to decide whether to take my DSLR, which is heavy and bulky, or to take my point and shoot camera which is light and small. Should I sacrifice quality for convenience? Such a hard decision to make. Let me know which one you'd go for in the comments below!

On to the other question, would you guys be interested in reading about KUISC? I will definitely blog about the fun and interesting places/things in Seoul, but would you want to read about my experiences at the pre-college as well? That one will more or less likely be in a diary format, categorized by week 1, 2, etc. 

Anyways, I'm super excited for this trip, even though I'll have to study a lot this summer. I have a lot of things planned to do during that time, but I will be posting reviews too. My suitcase is still pretty much empty right now, so I should probably get back to packing. See you guys soon with a new review! 


  1. Oh wow really? Are you going to Seoul or another city? We might run into each other! :) I think I probably will take the DSLR, why bother taking photos if they're not going to be good quality? lol I hope you have fun in Korea too :D

  2. I'll visiting a couple of cities like Busan and Incheon but Seoul is definitely on the list. It'll be nice if we run into each other! :)

    You'll have a fantastic time, Gloria. (Even though you're supposed to be studying... lol.)
    I think if you take a point and shoot camera over your DSLR, you might find yourself taking more photos? That's what happened with me anyway, haha. I can't wait to see the photos and read about your time Seoul! Stay safe, and have fun! <3

  4. Thanks Terri! :D And shh.. no one will know if I go somewhere on the weekends ;) We can't study 24/7 after all.

    That's a good point, I get really reluctant to take my DSLR out at times. I think I'll just take both, haha. Having two options is always better than one!


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