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Let me start off by saying that matte lipsticks are not my thing. Based on my previous experiences (ahem Etude House), my impressions of matte cream lip products were that they're drying with an uncomfortable powdery finish.  So yeah, I'm not a fan. Bet you can guess my assumptions for this product, can't you?

These #HDReady Cream Matte Lipsticks by Makeupbyevon x Memebox were released quite a few months ago during the summer. When I first received them, I was prepared for the worst. BUT boy was I wrong. Although I'm still team glossy lipsticks, I'm starting to think that matte lipsticks aren't all that bad. In fact, some are actually pretty good. Like the ones I'm reviewing today.

Product Info
Name:  Makeupbyevon x Memebox #HDReady Cream Matte Lipstick Set
 Shades: 01 Shy Marsala, 02 True Marsala, 03 Daring Marsala
Price: $20 for all three or $10 each
Description: Evon chose the perfect matte lipstick formula in three different shades from the Marsala family, Pantone color of the year. This cream to powder formula glides on beautifully and sets to a velvety semi-matte finish that's not drying or uncomfortable on the lips. Can be used on the lips and on the cheeks. Paraben free.


The packaging is gorgeous and makes these lipsticks look like they're much more expensive than they actually are. The tube is made out of sturdy plastic with a matte, black body and metallic gold top. The words, #HDReady Cream Matte Lipstick and Makeup By Evon are visible thanks to the clear plastic used to form the letters, allowing the color of the lipstick to show through. This also makes it easy to differentiate which is which, since the lipsticks are all otherwise identical packaging-wise. The shade number and name is printed on the bottom of the tube, but it's much quicker to just look at the color of words.

Although they're called lipsticks, they're more like lip creams. Rather than a stick, these #HDReady Cream Matte Lipsticks are packaged in a tube with a doe foot applicator, making it easy to spread and control the amount of product you're using. Unlike some applicators, these don't carry too much product and always have just the right amount. 

Most importantly though, let's talk about the formula of these lipsticks. Most product descriptions are only somewhat accurate, and never 100%. However, Memebox's description for these lipsticks are spot on. They're oh so creamy and easy to apply. Although the finish is slightly powdery, it's not uncomfortable or drying at all. In fact, I'd even say they're kind of moisturizing. Evon and Memebox, I'm very impressed!

All of these swatches used only one layer.
#01 Shy Marsala is described as the classic pinky nude beige, which I think is pretty accurate. I was pretty surprised that this was part of the Marsala shade group, because no matter how you look at it it's a beige color. Personally I'm not a fan of this shade, because I end up looking lifeless whenever I wear it.

#02 True Marsala is my favorite shade out of the trio! It's a soft peachy brown color with a slight red undertone. The swatch above isn't very accurate, it's actually a bit more red in real life. Actually, this is probably the best MLBB lipstick I've tried, and the only one I've liked. Yay! It's also the shade that looks closest to the Pantone marsala color of the year.

#03 Daring Marsala looks more burgundy to me, and it's a perfect shade for the colder months. It's definitely a sensual and bold rich wine color like Memebox describes. I used only one layer in the swatch above, but the color is buildable so you can add extra layers to darken it.

The finish is semi-matte, which is probably why it's a lot more comfortable than completely matte lipsticks. However if you want a glossier look, I've found that these also wear very well over and under lip moisturizers (the one I usually use is the Lucas' Papaw Ointment). They do transfer a bit more easily when worn with a lip balm, but no more than most shine lipsticks. Otherwise though, on their own, they do transfer a little but it's not noticeable. They are fairly long lasting, however if you eat anything the color disappears. #03 Daring Marsala leaves a slight tint behind, while the other two shades don't.

If you're a fan of matte lip products, you NEED to give these a try. They're fairly inexpensive, and for the price the quality is really good. These lipsticks are pigmented, creamy, easy to apply, and moisturizing. What else could you ask for? I don't have a lot of experience with high quality matte lipsticks, but I honestly can't imagine how much better those expensive high-end ones could be compared to these. I highly recommend the #HDReady Cream Matte Lipsticks to people looking for nude or burgundy matte lip products. It's almost a shame that there aren't other shades available, but seeing as to how Memebox products are generally excellent values with great quality, I'm guessing that their other lip products are just as good!

Where to buy:
You can get all three lipsticks in a set for $20 here at Memebox. You can also purchase each lipstick individually for $10 each (click for #01 Shy Marsala, #02 True Marsala, and #03 Daring Marsala).

Are you a fan of matte lipsticks? Or do you prefer glossy ones?

*The product featured was sent to me for review purposes by Memebox. All thoughts and opinions stated are my own and 100% honest. 

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