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Hello everybody! ^^

Today I would like to introduce you guys to my new partner/sponsor: Jolse. If you haven't heard about them before, Jolse is a Korean cosmetics and fashion shop. They opened in 2013, I believe, and are one of the most trustworthy and reliable shops I know. Want to know more about Jolse? Then keep on reading!

When you go the homepage of Jolse, this is how it looks. The banner slideshow in the center of the page shows their current promotions and events. Every week of the month a set brand is on discount for 10% off! The current brands with discounts right now are Innisfree, Holika Holika, The Face Shop, Etude House, and Tony Moly. This way, if you're planning to buy a lot of items from the same brand that has a discount week, then you can plan on which week to make an order. 

For example, say you want to order a huge haul of Etude House products. You should probably wait until the 3rd week of the month to order then, since all Etude House products are 10% off that week! 

They carry over 40 Korean cosmetic brands, including some that are very well known globally and others that are more known in just Korea.

On the review/tutorial page of their shop you'll find reviews and makeup tutorials written by Jolse themselves. This is really nice since sometimes when products are just released in Korea, they don't have reviews immediately and Jolse will sometimes already have a review up a few days after adding the product to their shop.

Jolse also offers free worldwide shipping. Unlike other shops who offer free shipping but raise the prices of the products by quite a bit, Jolse's prices are really reasonable. The prices are usually really close to the retail price of the product in Korea, and sometimes even cheaper than the retail price ^^ The free shipping doesn't come with a tracking number, but I've never had a problem with my packages getting delayed or lost because of that. If you would like a tracking number though, it only costs an extra $2.50. Jolse also offers EMS shipping for $22. Orders are usually shipped within 3 business days after ordering, and usually arrive in 10-25 business days for standard shipping or 3-7 business days for EMS.

In addition to free shipping, there are samples given with every order as well! You can get an idea of how many samples/gifts you'll be given by referring to the image below.

Jolse also has a point reward system where you can get points back on every order to use for your next order! New customers get 3 points (1 point = $1) just by signing up. Points can only be used on orders $20 and above. 

At Step 2 of the ordering process (Place Order), you'll be given the option to use your reward points. Simply type in the amount of points you wish to use and it'll be deducted from your total amount due. 

Did I mention that Jolse is a trustworthy shop? Yup I did. And I'm saying this from a customer's viewpoint, not because they're sponsoring me or anything like that. I've written a review of their shop before, but it doesn't do it any justice at all (omg looking at my old reviews now they're so embarrassing haha...). Their customer service is absolutely stellar! The owner, Ji Eun Lee, is really nice and sweet, and replies to emails quickly. I've always received replies within 24 hours, usually less. Of course, since they only work Monday-Friday, if you send an email on Friday (PST) you will get a reply on Monday (based on KST). 

Jolse is my go-to shop for whenever I want to order a few products from a brand that I know is on sale that week, or when I need something to reach me quickly. Most of my packages arrive in 10 business days, which is only about 2 weeks! I highly recommend you to at least check out the shop, you won't be disappointed. ^^ Every Wednesday on their Facebook page they hold a giveaway. You can also follow them on their other social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter to receive updates. 

Thanks for reading and have a great day~ :) 

Disclaimer: I was not sponsored or told to write this introduction post, and it was something I offered to do myself since Jolse really is a trustworthy, reliable shop with very reasonable prices. All opinions stated in this post are honest opinions from my viewpoint as a customer. 


  1. Congratulations on being sponsored! ^ u ^

  2. Yes, Jolse! The pricing is really reasonable~

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  4. I have heard of Jolse before but I totally haven't tried order anything from them yet! Looks like I've a new shop to invest in after this! Thank you for introducing Jolse to your readers! ^^

  5. Ikr? Their prices are great!

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