October Haul

Hello everyone~

Back in May I decided to go on a shopping ban, and surprisingly the ban actually lasted. Er.. until now, that is. But still! 5 months. That's an accomplishment. Plus this haul was somewhat justified since I really did need most of the products that I bought. 

I bought all of these products either from iBuyBeauti or Jolse. I'll be linking each of the products to the shop that I bought them from~

(left to right)
Banila Co. Clean It Zero $14.70
Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Foam (Grain) $7.98 
First of all, the cleansers. This was a must buy for me since I ran out of my cleansing oil and cleansing foam at around the same time, and boy was that fun. Not. So I decided to get a cleansing balm instead this time, in addition to a cleansing foam from Happy Bath just because it was the cheapest I found. 

Pure Heal's Propolis 90 Ampoule $11.20
If you read my review of this ampoule here, you'll know that I really liked this product. This is just a repurchase since I ran out. 

Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cushion (BE20) $28.20
I was really curious about this product ever since it was released, and after much debate I finally decided to give it a try. 

Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring (RD05 Arcane Cherry Brown) $13.98
I've used Etude House's hair dye before and they're quite nice. Awhile back they reformulated their hair dye and added a few new colors, including this one. Since I was getting a little bored/tired of my current hair color, which is just dark brown, I decided to go for a cherry brown this time. 

These are all the samples that I received for my orders. Cheers for the deluxe samples in the Laneige trail kit, which I can definitely bring for longer trips! I actually did buy one more item, but since it's a birthday gift for a friend and she knows about my blog, I thought it'd be safest to not post it here lest she see this post and ruin the surprise. 

Looking at it now this isn't really a haul... more like a mini-haul? Haha, after not buying anything for such a long time I guess 6 items (including my friend's gift) seemed like a lot to me. This post is just to show you guys what to expect in my reviews for the upcoming months! Let me know if there's anything you'd like to see reviewed so that way I can place them first on the "to review" list. I've been so busy lately but I'm trying to make more time for writing posts so that way I won't end up abandoning my blog like I did earlier this year. The next time you'll hear from me will (hopefully) be on Friday, although that might not be true because I need to study for the PSAT. OTL

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! ^^ 


  1. Such a cute haul! ^ u ^
    I am excited to read your reviews! ^ v ^


  2. Excellent haul. All very practical things. I'm always guilty of buying things I don't need haha.
    I want to try the Pure Heal's propolis ampoule after reading your review. I'm currently using something similar from It's Skin, and although I like it, I do want to try something else to compare. I'm also wanting to try Banila Co's Clean It Zero balm. I keep seeing really good reviews about it, and I think it's time I give it a shot! Also, Banila Co has a bunch of new stuff endorsed by Song Ji Hyo... so I think I know where my money's gonna go. :P

  3. Haha I had to exert quite a bit of self-control to stop myself from buying any makeup, although I think I'm starting to lose it. I think you really should give the Clean It Zero a try, it's really nice :) I'd love to see a comparison review if you do get the ampoule~ I saw the new Banila Co collection too and I'm so tempted to buy something from the collection! I totally blame my impulsive buys on Korean brands for releasing products with adorable packaging haha

  4. Wow nice haul ! I need to ban myself from buying cosmetics too :D

    I'll be waiting for cc cushion review :))


  5. Thanks! I wish I could continue on my shopping ban but... the holidays are coming up. OTL I'll definitely be reviewing the CC cushion sometime ^^

  6. Yay! I'm glad that you like it ^^ I'll review the cushion for sure, I just don't know when. *sigh* The busy life of being a high school student, haha. Good luck to you too! :)

  7. You got so many more samples than me...not fair haha :P

  8. the facial yogurt foam seems so relaxing and I bet it has a great scent :D



  9. Well, I did buy from two shops, so... lol Hopefully you're liking your new (first) skincare routine!

  10. It's definitely really soft, and if you like baby powder scents then you'd love it! Thank you for reading Mitch ^^

  11. That Banila Co CC Cushion & Happy Bath cleanser! Stahp shopping Gloria!
    I'm waiting for the reviews!

  12. Omg I'm really loving both of those products. LOL I wish I had more time to write product reviews. I'll probably post one sometime this week!

  13. I am excited to read your reviews...^^ Nice review and your blog so cute! ^^

    would u like to follow each other on GFC, google+ and bloglovin?

    let me know! thank you ^^


  14. 안녕하세요! 한국사람?

    Thank you! It looks like you're a new blogger? If so, welcome to the blogging world ^^ I'd love to follow each other on GFC, Google+, and Bloglovin'! Thanks for reading Christin~


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