Christmas Package from Skinfoodian!

Hello everyone!

Happy belated New Year! I hope that everyone's New Year started out a lot better than mine did, which was spending a few days in bed sick. Hence the extremely delayed posts. My deepest apologies

I have a few reviews to finish up, but I decided to write about this first because posting it any later would be inexcusable. So!

Zyro, the girl behind the blog Skinfoodian, and I also sent each other gifts this Christmas! We met each other through Beautifan as well, and have kept in touch ever since. If you guys don't know her, be sure to check out her blog, she's a great beauty blogger who posts really detailed reviews :D

When the package arrived, I was shocked by how big the box was, and how much it weighed. 20 pounds! OTL This is probably be the heaviest package I'll ever receive in my life.





There were a few more of the star ornaments in the box, but by the time I took this picture my mom had already hung them up on the tree. She's a sneaky one.
Here are the two cards Zyro included! Thank you so much for the sweet letter Zyro ^^ I'll be keeping it to myself. lol The Christmas tree shaped card just said Merry Christmas~


I first started by opening the small gifts, which Zyro had marked and numbered. Aren't the bags adorable?

In bag #1 there was... an armpit whitening cream.  When I saw this I just started laughing and Zyro and I just laughed for awhile on the phone over this, haha.

Here is what bag #2 contained: A ton of samples and masks. I've already tried the Innisfree Skin Solution Mask and omg I need to stock up on it. My skin hasn't been in its best condition, but when I used it that night my skin was a lot calmer the next day. Must. Buy. More.

Gift bag #3 included a hand cream from Too Cool For School, a Nature Republic cleansing stick, and a sample of the Primera Peeling Facial Mild. I have been wanting to try the Primera peeling gel since forever so I was really happy when I saw it. I've tried it a few times now and I'm thinking I might have to buy the full-sized one, so don't be surprised if a review of it appears on the blog in the future!
In addition to the masks in gift bag #2, there were also 6 more in the box! I can't wait to try all of them :D The Mamonde one looks interesting since I've never heard of sunflower and banana being used for skincare before.
This cleansing foam was one of the main reasons why I couldn't wait for Zyro's package to arrive LOL She warned me ahead of time not to buy any cleansing foam, and mine just happened to run out the day the package arrived. Perfect timing, I tell you. The It's Skin Cookies & Hand Cream is so cute and smells delicious! It actually looks like frosting with crushed Oreo cookies inside it.  

There was also this adorable Too Cool for School Art Class nail polish set! Th packaging really looks like something for art, which I suppose it is since nail art and manicures are a form of art.
There was another little box that contained a hand sanitizer from Nature Republic and a reindeer-shaped hair clip. Let me just say that the hand sanitizer smells amazing. It's just the right amount of fruitiness and not too strong.
PRIMERAAA. *-* The amount of it is just so damn high, haha. THANK YOU SO MUCH ZYRO! I was seriously shocked by all the Primera products when I saw them. Primera is a brand that I've been slightly (just slightly) lusting after, which Zyro knew, but I never even thought that she would get some of its products for me. ;__; You've totally spoiled me.

She also sent a teddy bear, tote bag, and a JYP snapback. I laughed when I saw the hat since Zyro proclaims her "love" for JYP all the time.
Lastly there was a huge gift bag near the bottom of the box. Can you guess what was inside it?


Shirts! Zyro told me ahead of time about how she got us all the same shirts but in different colors, but I had no idea she got 5. Sadly it's winter right now and pretty cold, so I can't wear any of the t-shirts. However I can't wait till the weather starts getting warmer so I can wear them~

Zyro told me to open this last, since it was an (at that time) early birthday present. At first I was really curious what it was because she told me it wasn't beauty-related, and right before I opened it I guessed what it was and...


I was right! It's a scarf watch with interchangeable scarves so you can change the band of the watch to match your outfit. It's absolutely gorgeous *-* I remember Zyro showed me this a few months back on Gmarket and I really wanted it, but I didn't think she'd remember. 고마워  친구야~! 

So now, moving on to the food:
Some Italian pastries.

DSC_0515 DSC_0525
A lot of Korean snacks :D Finally got to try the famous Market O brownies and they're pretty good! I'm a huge fan of green tea so I was really happy when I saw the O'Sulloc Green Flake~
Some Japanese snacks! Apparently the one on the top (I forgot the name of it and I can't read Japanese OTL) is one of Zyro's favorites. I've never seen chocolate banana flavored Pocky or tom yum flavored Pretz here so I can't wait to give them a try.
Zyro told me that she bought the Roller Coaster solely because it's sold in Malaysia only. They're pretty good though~ Same goes for everything else in this picture actually, haha. The Perfecto chips remind me of Pringles. Also, the Real Potato Sticks are amazing. As you chew on them their texture becomes more and more like actual fries! I wish they sold them here in the US.

The Crispy chocolates are Zyro's favorites right now, and they're quite nice ^^ At first I thought it was cereal because of the misleading sub-title haha. Zyro told me that the seaweed snack is something that her mom and brother really like but not her, and I think I might have to agree with her on that lol OTL, I really love the Oat Krunch cookies though! They taste really good and I feel semi-healthy eating them lol The Diction fries are Zyro's favorite childhood snack, but I have yet to try them. My brother though, has already ate through 2 bags of them and keeps asking me for more, so they must be pretty good~
THE SOUR+ CANDIES. Why do we not sell them here in the States? They're not super sour but they are addicting OTL
Zyro asked me if we had Horlicks here in the US and I told her we didn't, so she included a few sachets in the package! I haven't tried them yet but Michelle told me they're similar to malt drinks. The Maggi ramen is so good, but really spicy. Zyro dared me to eat a bowl without drinking any water and I failed after the first two bites...

And that is the end of the package~ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING ZYRO image Why did you get me so much? OTL You've seriously spoiled me. ;__; And ruined my diet as well. LOL Thanks to Michelle and Zyro, I definitely have enough snacks to last me for at least the first half of 2015. I can't wait to try everything, especially my new Primera products :D

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zyro, be sure to check out her blog:

Now that the holidays are over and a new year has begun, I will try to blog more often this year. I don't really make resolutions anymore because most of the time I never stick to them or I forget. However, I definitely will work harder this year and attempt to post at least once a week. That's progress, right? ^^; I suppose I also want to get a part-time job, and maintain my good grades lol

2014 was a great year, let's make 2015 an even better one! ♥


  1. The cookie and hand cream thing is so cute!! :) I might have to get one haha.

    Blogging with Marika

  2. YES Get it! :D Even though it's not in the most convenient packaging ever, its cuteness and amazing scent definitely makes up for it!

  3. LOL She definitely did go crazy! (and a bit overboard)

    Aww bummer. At least there are always online shops for you to buy the set from, haha. I will definitely review the CC cushion once I get around to trying it! And if I do decide to get the peeling gel in full-size, you can expect a review for that one as well for sure. :) I read your review on the cream, it's kind of disappointing how it wasn't anything special :/

    Omg the noodles are amazing! Sadly they're only available in Malaysia though. On second thought, that might be a good thing, since I won't be tempted to eat ramen as much lol

  4. It really was sweet of Zyro to send all that! ^^

    Beautifan is a review blog run by an online K-beauty shop called ibuybeauti :) Zyro and I used to blog for them, but not anymore lol They send products to some bloggers to review for Beautifan, but customers can also write reviews on Beautifan for a discount code on their next ibuybeauti order. It's basically a site with reviews of the products ibuybeauti carries. I hope that helps! :)

  5. ahhhh, thanks for the info :) It's great that you all keep up the relationship :)

  6. Excellent. Looking forward to the CC Cushion review! :D

    Haha, I've been trying to cut down on ramen too, but it's just so hard sometimes, especially when I'm lazy and need to eat something quick. :P

  7. OMG AHAHAH! The armpit whitening cream! OTL OMGGGG Tell me how you like the primera cushion when you use it! LOL Can't wait to hear what you think about the Primera seed essence! I was using my second bottle, but i've stopped for some time and moved onto SK-II. I think the Primera essence is a bit too moisturising for my oily skin but it was great during Winter~ ^_^

  8. LOL YES The armpit cream! Ahaha I definitely will! Although I have so many base products now that it might take me awhile to get to the Primera cushion. OTL Same goes for the Primera essence, but I will definitely review it sometime... just not soon. lol Aww is it? :/ Maybe I'll just use it as a toner+essence and skip using a toner when I try it. I'll have to see if it's too moisturizing or not~


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