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I know it's been a long time since I've posted.. er actually... make that a really long time... and for that I truly apologize. Junior year started for me back in August, which means studying on top of homework on top of preparing for the SAT. So in other words, I'm still working on figuring out how to add blogging into the mix, but I'm getting there! Slowly.

Today's post is a long overdue review on a palette that Memebox released a few months back in collaboration with NYLON, a fashion magazine. This palette, the #ItGirlPalette, was created in celebration of NYLON's 16th anniversary. Emphasizing on versatility and uniqueness, all the colors in this palette were picked by the magazine's senior beauty editors.

Product Information
Name: Nylon x Memebox Sweet Sixteen Face and Eye Palette (#ItGirlPalette)
Size: 9.7g
Price: $29.00
Description: #ItGirlPalette is NYLON's special gifts to its readers in celebration of  their 16th anniversary. With 8 rad shades, this throwback to the it-girls of Nylon is just like our fans: edgy, trend-setting, and f***ing awesome.

This palette is cruelty free. 


Personally I found the front packaging of the box a little messy, but it's definitely eye-catching and reminds me of Nylon with its bright colors. On the back of the box you'll find the ingredients list for the eyeshadows and blush.



The palette itself is incredibly thin, small, and lightweight. I would almost call this the perfect travel palette if not for the eyeshadow shades (due to my personal preference), but more on that later. There's also a mirror on the inside so that you can touch-up on the go!

The packaging for the palette reminds me of Nars' packaging. It's matte, black, and made of plastic. Even the texture of it feels like Nars. Which means, unfortunately, that it's a bit of a fingerprint magnet. It's a little bit annoying but not a big deal, to me at least.


When you open the palette there's a piece of plastic covering the shadows with their respective names printed on it. There's also a place for the brush that's included in the palette (I'm not sure why I took it out, I probably wasn't thinking then, haha).

There's a smudge on Mischa because I accidentally placed my finger on it somehow. ㅠㅠ

Here is the brush that's included in the palette! I really like how it's dual ended, with one side being a brush applicator and the other a sponge. The sponge is like any sponge applicator, and does its job although I don't really use it because I'm not a fan of sponge applicators. As for the brush, I honestly can't say if it's high, good, or just okay quality because I've only used drugstore brand brushes before. Personally though I think it's fine, and there's no need to use another "better" brush in place of it. It's not as soft as say, a $30 eyeshadow brush from higher end brands, but it works perfectly fine for me.


These are swatches of the shadows and blush in three different light settings. I apologize for the blurriness at the right end of the photos, my camera just wasn't cooperating that day.

The Moment is described as a champagne pink, which is pretty accurate! When you use a very thin layer as just a highlighter, it appears clear and just, well, highlights. It also looks really pretty as an eyeshadow. This is probably my favorite shade in the palette.

Lilo is a matte white, a color that I honestly haven't found much use for other than as a base once in awhile. I haven't used this shade that much, but if you're looking for a white eyeshadow this one is pretty good, pigmentation-wise.

Mary Kate, a sparkly light olive shade, looks almost like a pale lime green sometimes in different lightings. I occasionally use this with Lana in the middle of my lids. I don't know how I feel about this shade, to be honest, because it's a color that's somewhat difficult to pull off. For me at least.

Mischa is a beautiful shade described as a "grungy rust" with a hint of shimmer. It would pair extremely well with fall colors, such as a burgundy lip, and it's a perfect fall color itself.

Lana is a gorgeous antique gold that looks good just on its own! It's a slightly darker gold than most gold eyeshadows, which I personally prefer. However in some lightings the sparkles appear slightly green? It might just be me though.

Paris is such a pretty color that it feels like it would compliment any skin tone. Memebox calls it an "expensive hazel", but I think it's slightly more pink-toned than hazel. Either way though, it's a perfect color for fall (but also works for summer!).

Nicole is definitely a more unique eyeshadow shade- blue-hued dark brown with blue sparkles in it. I've only used it on the edge of lids as an eyeliner kind of thing, because I'm not that creative with makeup and can't think of any other uses for it lol

Sweet 16 is a blush that's super pigmented. This matte hot pink, the signature color of both Nylon and Memebox, is not one to mess around with. Although it's a pretty color when applied correctly, you have to apply it with an extremely light hand and a very thin layer to avoid looking like a clown.

The staying power for all of these shades are just okay, the eyeshadows do fade quite a bit throughout the day if you don't wear primer, while the highlighter fades a little. The blush didn't seem to fade at all even after 7+ hours of wear. The sparkly shadows do have a little bit of fallout, but it doesn't bother me too much.

When I first received this palette, I didn't  like any of the colors. They were all so different from what I normally use (soft, neutral colors), but over time they kind of grew on me. I still don't see myself using Mischa, Lilo, or Nicole very often, but the other ones I'll definitely be using this F/W season.

Here's a quick look that I came up with using Paris as the base, and layering Mischa on top, then blending those two together. I also used Nicole to line my eyes a little before applying eyeliner over it.
Please excuse my crappy makeup skills, haha...


Photo Oct 07, 11 00 45 PM (1)

I used The Moment to highlight my cheekbones and nose bridge. It may not be very visible, but it's really such a pretty highlighter!


I had to employ the help of my brother to take pictures, but of course he failed to take any good ones. The one above is the only decent one that came out, and I'm not even sure what I was doing in that one, haha. On my lips I'm wearing another Memebox product, the MakeupByEvon Creamy Matte Lipstick in #03 (a review for these lipsticks are coming up soon!).

I thought it's about time I started taking photos of my face, however I do apologize for the lack of quality in them OTL

A quick summary of this palette:

-Travel friendly, very light and thin
-Versatile shades
-Includes brush
-Mirror on the inside
-Fairly pigmented
-Very pretty highlighter

-Some fallout
-Packaging is a bit of a fingerprint magnet
-A little pricey
-Very pigmented blush (could be a pro also)

Where to buy:
Get your own #ItGirlPalette now at Memebox for $29.00 with free shipping! Currently Memebox only ships to U.S. customers.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll be back soon with another post I've been working on!
Reviews, my trip to Korea, and... it's secret! ;)

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