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The first time I heard about eyeshadow sticks, it was in 7th grade when a couple girls were gossiping about another girl who used them. They were calling it "weird", "ugly", etc. At that time I had no experience with makeup other than mascara, so I had no idea what they were talking about. And in situations like that, where I don't know anything about the subject, I usually just listen and nod along. Which is exactly what I did back then. Now, if the same thing happened again today, I would definitely say something that counters their opinions (and tell them to stop bashing on the poor girl, because they were being pretty mean).

Why do I bring that story up? Even with my limited knowledge of makeup back then, I don't think eyeshadow sticks were much of a thing, at least in Western beauty. They existed, I'm sure, but they weren't popular. However, if you look at Western brands today, from high-end to drugstore, many of them have their own versions of eyeshadow sticks. Amazing how beauty trends change so quickly isn't it? Also, I brought the story up because I'm reviewing these Memebox I'm Stick Shadows today. 

According to the description, the Memebox I'm Stick Shadow features a waterproof formula with pigmented, shimmering shades that glide on easily with no fallout. Each stick contains 0.05 oz of product. The four shades I'm reviewing today are #ES407 Bellatrix#ES408 Stellar Rose#ES409 Hazel Topax, and #ES410 Spica Bron

Also to note: No animal testing was performed with these eyeshadow sticks, so they're cruelty-free.

The I'm Stick Shadows are packaged in a matte black plastic casing with the shade's color at the end of the packaging to easily identify which shade is which. To make more product come out, all you have to do is twist the colored end. There's nothing special about the packaging, it just looks like a lot of other eyeshadow sticks in terms of design style.

Here's a closer look at the total amount of product in each stick! The pictures don't really show it, but the I'm Stick Shadows are a lot bigger than the usual eyeshadow sticks in diameter. I'm not really a fan of the larger diameter because that means there's less precision, but it can be useful at times when I'm just applying the shadow all over my lid. If you don't like chubby eyeshadow sticks, then these definitely aren't for you.

Moving on to the fun part- the shades! 

#ES407 Bellatrix is a beautiful peachy pink with gold shimmers. It looks really pretty when applied all over the lid. I also like to use this on the outer third of my lid and blend it into #ES408 Stellar Rose to create a gradient look.

#ES408 Stellar Rose is a pretty pale pink with iridescent shimmers. This works well all over the lid as a base color or as a highlighter for the inner corner of the eyes and undereye.

#ES409 Hazel Topaz is a neutral shimmery brown that looks great on the outer corner of the eyes or basically anywhere on the lid. It's that perfect shade for a neutral look!

#ES410 Spica Bron is a bronzy orange that works well with warm browns and light peachy tones. I usually use this on the outer third of my eyes and blend a warm to neutral brown on the outer edges of it.

Now, let's talk about formula! These eyeshadow sticks are creamy and very easy to apply onto the lid. For full pigmentation I usually have to go over it a second time, however once they've set they do not budge. Before they set though, they're easy to blend just by using your fingers. I tried running the swatches on my arm under water while rubbing really hard on them, and they didn't fade or smudge at all, so they're definitely waterproof! There's no fallout whatsoever, but throughout the day the color does fade a bit. One thing to note though is that I never use eyeshadow primer, which may help intensify and prolong the pigmentation of these eyeshadow sticks. 

Overall I think the I'm Stick Shadows are great for makeup beginners, fans of shimmery shadows, or busy people with not a lot of time for makeup. Since they're quite easy to apply and take hardly any effort to blend, they're great for a quick eye makeup look. On days where I choose to sleep in for an extra 5 minutes, I usually reach for these eyeshadow sticks to cut down the time I spend on makeup. Although the colors are shimmery, they're subtle so they're suitable for any occasion whether it be casual, professional, fancy, etc. (depending on the shade, of course). My only complaint with these is the larger-than-average diameter, which takes away some precision. For the price though, the quality is really good and the amount of product included is above decent!

Where to buy:
Unfortunately the I'm Stick Shadow is out of stock at Memebox for now, but normally you can purchase them for $11 each. I'll update this post with links once the product is back in stock again!

What's your preferred eyeshadow type- cream, powder, or liquid? Let me know in the comments below and tell me about your favorite eyeshadows!

The products featured were provided to me by Memebox for review purposes. All opinions stated are my own and based on my true experiences. 

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