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It's a (somewhat) new year, and what better beauty box to do as the first unboxing of the year than one curated by Beautibi?  I've always been a fan of Jen's curations, so I had high expectations for Beautibi's latest box. Of course, they did not disappoint. I'm actually quite behind on blogging at the moment due to school and work, but I pushed all of the other posts aside to write this one first. If you're wondering why, it's because they're almost sold out of some versions of this box, and I don't want any of you to miss out on it. I'm serious. If you're always on the prowl for something new in the Asian beauty world, you're gonna want to get this box. So enough chitchat and let's begin the unboxing!

(I apologize beforehand for some of the low quality photos in this post- I had to take them with a high ISO due to very poor lighting so there's a lot of noise)

For this box Beautibi decided to name it aNEW. According to Beautibi:

"The design behind the name of our first box of 2017 comes from that feeling of peeling off old layers to bring out the new. Our design features the delta symbol to signify 'change' "

I personally love the design of this box's "logo", which can be seen on the card below. It's simple yet aesthetically pleasing. The minimalist design actually reminds me of my goals for this year, which is a more minimalistic lifestyle.

This box is available in three versions: Soothing + Brightening, Hydrating, and Balancing. The one I have is the Soothing + Brightening version, which sounds perfect for my sensitive skin. Balancing is meant for oily skin-types, while Hydrating is for those on the drier side. 

First up I want to talk about these amazing sheet masks that are included in all three versions: the Wishing U Advanced Dried Bio-Cellulose Mask ($8/EA) in Whitening and Firming. According to the description:

"A new brand from South Korea, this new patented dried bio-cellulose cleansing facial mask was developed through bio-engineering technology using fermented natural fruit water of coconut. Its cooling and adhesiveness are excellent for skin cleansing and sebum control. Contains EGF, peptides, niacinamide and more to deeply hydrate and cool the skin while brightening complexion."

If you guys follow me on Instagram, I tried out this mask a few nights ago and posted about it in my Story. The fit of this mask is no joke- I can definitely see why people call it a face "condom". Extremely thin and clingy, this felt very comfortable on the face. The essence it came with was super creamy, albeit a bit sticky. As the bio-cellulose dried down it began to tighten on my face so it was difficult to move in the end. The directions state that you should re-hydrate the mask in lukewarm water to see all the gunk the mask sucked out of your pores in the end and girl. Girrrrl. They aren't kidding about the the gunk- there were all these little white spots on the mask (especially around and on the nose area) which I assumed to be sebum that came out of my pores. Needless to say I was both disgusted and impressed. This wasn't a hydrating mask, but it's definitely great for pore care. The next morning my face looked a little brighter and my pores were noticeably smaller. The pore tightening effect didn't last for long, but I could see that my pores were clean and clear. I haven't been this obsessed about a sheet mask in awhile, and this one is a must-try in my opinion. I will for sure be picking up a couple more of these in the near future! 

Next up is a trio of travel-sized products from 23.5°N that came with this cute canvas drawstring pouch. The set I received is the Soothing + Brightening Travel Set ($24), which consists of the the Oriental Beauty Tea Balancing Facial Cleanser, Rice Soothing Gel Mask, and the Red Pearl Barley Whitening Serum

23.5°N is a Tawainese skincare brand that Jen curated awhile back and I've been really interested in them ever since. So when I saw that this box included three products from the brand, I was really excited to be able to finally try some of their products. I haven't tested any of them out yet, but I definitely will! 

Next up is another trio of travel-sized products from invi+apotheke. This Hair + Body Care Travel Set ($27) consists of a hair treatment, hair cleanser, and body cleanser that are all 50mL in size.
According to the description: 

"Inviapotheke is a compound of invisible + pharmacy (apotheke: German), which is intended to provide an intangible space that helps to balance inadequacies in urban life. Products have natural peat coloring and pH balanced using organice ingredients and natural ingredients."

I've never tried low pH hair or body care before, so I'm interested to see how these'll go. These little bottles are perfect for travel, which is great since hotel bath stuff is usually meh. To be honest I don't know much about hair care or body care, but this brand sounds quite intriguing. It's nice to see beauty boxes feature products other than skincare and makeup (which I already have too much of), so I think this was a good addition to the box! After all, your hair and body needs attention too.

Last up is this Thank You Farmer Be Beautiful Luminous CC Cream ($29). The hydrating version includes the Natural BB Cream, while the balancing version includes the Pure Makeup Base. For those of you who would rather receive skincare products than makeup, you can request for the Thank You Farmer Back to Iceland Peeling Gel instead by leaving a note in the checkout section! Anyways, back to the product description:

"A radiance-enriched CC cream that adds an elegant glow an brightness as sunlight that shines through a chiffon curtain."

I'll be honest here, I'm not the biggest fan of CC creams. I often find them a little too oily for my t-zone, but I'm willing to give this a try because it just looks so pretty and the finish isn't dewy like most CC creams. The color of the CC cream isn't actually as pink as the bottle, it's more of a pale peachy cream. This does contain microglitters, which I don't really mind since I'm pretty neutral when it comes to shimmery makeup bases. However, if you're not a fan of them then you definitely wouldn't like this CC cream. From what I can see this has little to no coverage, and there's not really any noticeable pigmentation to it so I think most skin tones can use this. I'd probably use this on no-makeup makeup days, or as a base before foundation.

Finally, Jen also included A LOT of samples- including a mini of the Loveisderma Hydramax Serum. How adorable is that tiny dropper and bottle?? I'm super excited about the samples since they're from the brands 107 Oneoseven and SIMPLISTIC Cosmetics, both which I've been lusting after. Hopefully one day I'll be able to try more from the two brands, but for now these samples will satisfy my curiosity!

In total, this box contains one full-sized product, six travel-sized products, and two sheet masks, which adds up to $92 worth of products. I personally think this was a really well curated box with lots of interesting products. When to comes to beauty boxes, my only standard is that they must include new products that I'm excited to test out- and the aNEW Beauty Box definitely meets that standard! All of the products come from quality brands, and they're all ones that I haven't tried before. I've already found one of my favorite pore care masks thanks to this box, so I can't wait to see how everything else performs! Overall, I'd highly recommend this box if you're a fan of Asian beauty, it's worth your time and money in my opinion. 

You can purchase the box HERE for $78 with free shipping in the U.S. If you'd rather purchase the products featured in this box individually, I've linked them to their pages above so just click on the product name!

What do you guys think of the aNEW box? Are there any products you're interested in trying?
The products featured in this post were sent to me by Beautibi for review purposes. All thoughts expressed are my own and 100% honest.

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