Koreadepart Haul/Site Review

Hey everyone! Sorry for this super late post. I actually received my package from Koreadepart about a week ago, but because of school I never had the time to write the review. So without further ado, let's begin~

Package information:

Ordered- 8/27/2013
Shipped- 8/29/2013
Recevied- 9/11/2013

They have a strange shipping system. For the US, you have to pay a prepaid shipping amount at checkout,
which is $25. After they weigh the package, they'll refund you the difference between the actual shipping cost and the prepaid shipping cost. My order's NET weight was 592 g, but its gross weight in the end turned out to be 1 kg, so shipping cost $13 for me. Everything was protected really well, and they use a double layer of bubble wrap (sorry I didn't get a picture > <).

Here are the things I got:

Samples + gift (from buying the Mizon toner):

(the one on the left is the gift)

Score~ ^^ They gave 3 of each sample in the Mizon gift with purchase, and 5 other samples as well. I really like the variety of brands they give you, although I do admit they didn't give as much as Eopenmarket, but maybe that's because of the gift I got from buying the Mizon toner. 

  • Shipping: 5/5 (pretty fast, the package got stuck in LA for 5 days, but that's not their fault)
  • Price: 5/5 (the prices are extremely cheap since they're almost the same as you would get in Korea)
  • Order from again? Hm... I might have to say no unless they're having a huge sale or I really need something that only Koreadepart has. The shipping cost was reasonable, but the fact that they weighed the package after bubble wrapping everything and adding the samples just somewhat bothered me. I mean, say they gave you a lot of samples and that added a lot more weight to the package. I'd rather get less samples than to pay for extra shipping, but that's just me. 
I do suggest checking this site out, because they have A LOT of things that some places don't sell. Things get out of stock easily though, and they have a lot of discontinued items up for some reason. But still, definitely give this website a try.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below ^^

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