Testerkorea Haul/Site Review

Woo okay another somewhat late review, but hey better late than never... right? So I'm sure a few of you have heard about Testerkorea. No? Then allow me to enlighten you. Testerkorea is a site that sells not only full size Korean beauty products, but samples as well. And they're REALLY cheap. They list the prices in Korean won, but during checkout they convert it to USD for you. The conversion rate is 1030 won = $1. Anyways, enough of the introductions, let's start with the review~

(I like how they labeled it "fancy goods")
(the box was packed full so it left no room for damage)

Package Information:

Ordered- 9/02/2013
Shipped- 9/03/2013
Received- 9/18/2013

Shipping was definitely a lot slower compared to Koreadepart and Eopenmarket, but that wasn't Testerkorea's fault at all but instead USPS'. For some reason, after sending the package from LA to Sacramento (which is only about an hour away from where I live), they sent the package back to LA. USPS what were you thinking. Oh well. And ordering from this website is a PAIN. The shipping option is almost always invalid, so you have to refresh the page a bunch of times until it finally works. I remember having to refresh the page about 10+ times I think. But when I contacted customer service about it in the beginning, they were very nice and patient, and replied in less than 24 hours. I don't really suggest doing what they tell you to do though, because it didn't work for me. Just keep refreshing the checkout page and it'll work... eventually. ^^;

What I bought:

(each item was wrapped individually in bubble wrap)
It's Skin Babyface Pore Powder $4.66
TONYMOLY Tomatox Magic Massage Pack $7.61

Ahh the It's Skin Babyface line products are so adorable! Plus, since they were on sale at the time I bought them, the price was really reasonable as well. ^^ The TONYMOLY Tomatox pack came with a gift of ten samples, since it was one of the Top 10 Best Price items. 

Yay thank you Testerkorea! I was really surprised to receive a box of SkinFood cotton pads. I really like how they give a whole set of samples, as in toner, ampoule, and emulsion. I've noticed from a lot of other reviews of this site that Testerkorea tends to give mostly SkinFood samples (not that I'm complaining). So just as a heads up in case you were wondering what they give. 

Oh gosh I think I talked too much in this review. But here's the summary-

  • Shipping: 2/5 (the USPS thing wasn't their fault, so I'm not taking points off for that, however shipping is expensive)
  • Prices: 5/5 (all of its prices are really close to what you'd get in Korea)
  • Customer Service: 5/5 (replies really fast and they're really nice ^^)
  • Order from again? Definitely yes! The prices are super cheap, and while shipping may be a little expensive ($8.74 for 350 g), at least they tell you the price right there and don't use the weird system that Koreadepart has. Also they do give a lot of samples that aren't included in the order weight, so that's a plus. Just remember to keep refreshing the checkout page until it works. ^^; 
Thank you for reading! Feel free to comment below ^^

*Update November 2: They've raised their shipping prices now, and it's a little too expensive for my taste. Might not be making a lot of future orders from them, but who knows


  1. OOooo the service of this website sounds great even though the shipping may be expensive~ Once I save up shall purchase some goodies from there too :P Thanks for sharing :D

    -Miss Sennnaa
    BLOG: http://miss-sennnaa.blogspot.com

  2. Their service is definitely nice and so is the selection as well. Thank you for reading! ^^

  3. Hi sweetie, thanks for commenting on my blog.

    Your blog looks so lovely <3 Following you on bloglovin now!

    wow... it's really cheap... but I think the shipping would be a problem for me as well...

  4. Hi Yomi! Thank you for following ^^

    Yes the products themselves are really cheap but the shipping is a bit of a problem. Check-out is really troublesome but depending on the products in the end it's worth it. I think this shop is better for hauls than individual purchases.

  5. oh my i can see how frusrating you can be when you have to refresh the page for 10 plus times! if this happen to me i think i probably just given up the idea of ordering it!

    but i like the product that you had haul, it's quite nice (:


  6. Hello Ann! :)

    Checkout is definitely a pain. The first time I found out about this site, I actually did give up on ordering. It wasn't until I saw another blogger mention that they had the refresh the page that I tried ordering from them again. However their prices are quite nice so I think it would be worth it to go through all that trouble again. ^^


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