The Liebster Award

Hello everyone! Tiffany over at Sample Hime nominated me for the Liebster Award a few days ago (you can read her post here). Have you guys seen her blog before? She mostly does reviews on all kinds of Korean beauty products, and she is truly the sample hime. I kid you not, this girl has boxes full of samples, and I would've thought she was kidding about the hundreds she has if not for the few pictures she's shown me. Anyways, check out her blog! ^^ 
The Liebster Award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers on Bloglovin. You must answer the questions given by your nominator, while creating 11 questions for your own nominees. So without further ado here they are:

1. What's your favorite skincare product?
I haven't tried that many skincare products to find the ultimate one that I would bring to a desert island with me (I don't even have a base skincare routine yet > <) but the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX is definitely a favorite of mine. It smells absolutely amazing and it leaves my skin feeling so soft the following morning. 

2. If you had to use one makeup brand for the rest of your life (for all needs) which would you choose?
Definitely Etude House. It's cheap, affordable makeup with decent to good quality, What else could you ask for? Plus the packaging is adorable. 

3. If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be (alive or dead)?
Hm... this might sound strange but I would want to be Taeyeon from SNSD. Not because she's pretty (she is) but because I think it would be interesting to try living an idol life for a day and see what it's like for them. 

4. Where would you like to live next?
I really want to live in Korea or Europe, but mostly Korea. I think it'd be really fun, and I love Korean food, not to mention I'd have convenient access to all Korean beauty products. Heh image

5. Do you have any pets? Show a picture!
Nope sadly I do not. I really wish I had a dog though.

6. What is the weather like where you live right now?
It is sunny and in the low to (mostly) high 60°'s F. I know it's California and all, but this is a little extreme. Usually it'd be raining by now. If news reporters are telling the truth then apparently we're experiencing a drought? Lol I don't know, I guess it certainly feels dry and a little hotter than usual.

7. If you have a cell-phone, what is your ringtone right now? If not, what is your desktop background?
My current ringtone is EXO's "나비소녀" ("Don't Go", although I'm not sure why it's translated into that since the Korean title is "Butterfly Girl"). And I er... actually don't have a desktop background. I need to change both of that (ringtone and background).

8. If you could have any super power what would it be?
Either the ability to teleport or read minds. I really can't choose between those two. 

9. If you could go back in time, when would you go back to?
Back to the every minute before I made a dumb mistake and warn myself about it before I make the mistake. Lol But honestly there really isn't a specific time period I want to go back in time to. 

10. What is your New Year's Resolution?
I usually don't do resolutions because I never end up keeping them, but I'm going to try this year. My New Year's resolution is to blog more often and keep my grades at an A. Oh and to stop procrastinating, but that's my resolution every year and I've never been able to not do that. image

11. What are you looking forward to this year?
I'm looking forward to being more active on my blog, completing my first year of high school (but technically middle school because for some reason 9th grade is still in middle school), and finishing up my last year of CM. And also possibly a trip to Korea during the summer with a friend of mine. ^^ 

Whew that took awhile! And now I leave you with my 11 questions:

1. What's your best memory of 2013?
2. Assuming money isn't a problem, where in the world would you go and what would you do?
3. What's on your current wishlist? (it can be anything, not necessarily cosmetics)
4. If you had to choose one skincare and one makeup product to bring with you to a desert island, what would it be?
5. What is your resolution, goal, anything you want to accomplish for 2014?
6. What is your favorite song?
7. If you had to eat one food everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?
8. Do you speak any other languages?
9. Is there anything you'd like to change about yourself or are you comfortable with the way you are?
10. Dark, milk, or white chocolate (or whatever other flavors you know of)?
11. Who or what inspires you?

I nominate:

1. Aimee from chocobunnii13. Hi Aimee I'd really love to get to know you better ^^ You have a really cute blog and it's cool how you also live in CA! Haha Nor or SoCal?  Anyways happy new year~

2. Bethany at Beauty Junkie on a Budget. Hello Bethany I really love reading your posts! Especially your manicure Mondays, you need to do a tutorial sometime because they're absolutely amazing. Happy new year ^^

3. Mini at It's Mini, Dude. Hey Mini you seem like a very cute girl and I'd love to see more posts from you. ^^ It looks like we need to talk sometime and fangirl over some K-Pop idols together. Lol Happy new year!

Hmm it looks like I need to find more blogs to follow (I'm really selective on following blogs that I'll actually read) because everyone else has 200+ followers. Lol

I can't believe winter break's ended ㅠㅠ On a brighter note my cold is finally starting to get better but on the other hand... Finals are coming up next week so you'll have to excuse me if I abandon this blog for about a week and a half.  Once again happy new year everyone and to everyone who actually bothered to read this post, thank you~ 


  1. I should be ashamed of how many samples I have 0:) hahahaha.
    Is Taeyeon your favorite? I would say maybe I want to be Hyuna or Nana for a day so I can know how it feels to be impossibly skinny for a day and super super pretty and perfect hahahaha...I think the ability to teleport would be awesome because you could go shopping (and rob banks and stuff to buy makeup LOL). I really don't think I'd want to read people's minds >...>
    You shouldn't regret mistakes you made, as long as you learned from them <3

  2. Haha It's nothing to be ashamed of ^^
    I don't really have a favorite girl idol but Taeyeon is definitely higher if there was list. I wonder how Hyuna doesn't just faint from being too underweight, it's kind of scary. Teleporting would definitely be fun Lol
    I guess I don't really regret them since I've learned a lot from them, but it sure is embarrassing at that moment xD

  3. You like EXO?
    I would love to move to Korea too. Haha! We can have easy access to korean beauty products and we don't have to worry much about how much the shipping fee would cost. And of course, I can fangirl over my oppars too. lol

  4. I like EXO but they're not my favorite. Lol Who do you like?
    And yes, moving to Korea would be one of the best things that could happen in my life right now. xD


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