Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick Review

*The product reviewed was sponsored by Jolse. All thoughts and opinions expressed are based on my own experiences and 100% honest. 

Remember the Color Glow Lipstick Innisfree released last year? Well, this year they upgraded it and released the Creammellow Lipstick for the F/W season. When I first saw the swatches and the picture of Yoona wearing the bright red one (#8), I knew I had to try these. I decided to try the darker colors since they're perfect for fall and I don't own any shades like those at all.

이니스프리 크림멜로우 립스틱 (8호 촉촉물먹은레드 & 9호 블루베리 버건디)
Name: Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick (No. 8 Moistfull Dewy Red & No. 9 Burgundy Blueberry)
Price: 12,000원
Size: 3.5g
Description: (taken from Jolse)
1. Sparkling high glossy gel base fills the lips' curves smoothly to make lips look voluminous
2. High-adhesive fitting formula covers lips softly & keeps the lip colors longer
3. Moisture layers fills the moisture in the dry lips by relieving dead cells & supplying moisture to the lips
4. Helps to express lovely & moist & even deep colored lips without burden with vivid & clear color formation

Like most Innisfree products, the lipsticks came in a recyclable white box that's printed with soy ink. The only difference is that the bottom of the box and the leaves on the box are pink instead of the usual brown. 

The packaging for the Creammellow Lipsticks are very similar to the Color Glow Lipsticks from last year, save for the metal tube around the lipstick which is rose gold instead of silver. Personally I think rose gold is prettier than silver, so I like the change. The external packaging is the usual matte white with the color band (indicating the lipstick shade) at the bottom. It's light but sturdy, and I haven't had a problem with it getting dirty yet despite the white packaging. 

At the bottom of the lipstick you'll find the shade name and number, and the manufacture date. 

Here is the bullet of the lipstick. I found that the shape disappears in just 1-2 swipes, and the bullet has a smooth surface afterwards. It says "A rich essential lipstick with camellia oil & fitting formula" on the tube. Can you see the oil-like sheen the lipstick has? I think that's the camellia oil. It's not very oily, but the first time I twisted the lipstick up and down there was a bit of oil on the tube (look at the right picture of the bullet to see).

The Creammellow Lipsticks have a extremely faint, fruity scent. It's almost unnoticeable unless you lean in really close to the point where your nose is almost touching the lipstick. This is good for people who are sensitive to scents, since you won't smell anything during and after applying it. 

For the swatches above I swiped it once for the first swatch and 3 times for the second one for each shade. As you can see, the color is buildable and can get pretty close to being opaque. I find the shades to be almost exactly the same as the official swatches from Innisfree, so they're pretty true to color! 

No. 8 is a bright blue-toned red color that's perfect for gradient lips and full lips, which is suitable for a sexier, more mature look. I've been using this color almost daily for gradient lips since it's easy to apply and has a very pretty finish. 

No. 9 is a plum-burgundy color that's perfect for fall. It's my first time trying a shade like this but I quite like it! Although this works for both gradient lips and full lips, I personally prefer using this all over my lips by applying a thin layer just enough for a touch of color, but not to the point where the color is almost opaque. 

Can you see how moisturizing they look? The Creammellow Lipstick has a glossy (but not overly so) finish, although the glossiness does fade after awhile. I haven't had any problems with the lipstick sinking into lip lines, and they aren't drying at all. They're moisturizing and pretty pigmented, considering how well the color shows up on my pigmented lips. 

These lipsticks have a creamy texture that glides on effortlessly. They don't accentuate dry patches at all. The only bad thing about them is that they transfer easily, but that was expected since they have a moisturizing formula. 

I really like these lipsticks! Not only are they pigmented, creamy, and moisturizing, the price is quite reasonable too. For 12,000원 I would say these are a steal, considering how nice the quality is. The wear time is average, but I don't mind since I'd rather have moisturize lips than dry lips with color that stays throughout a meal.I'm actually considering getting another one of the these in a different shade, since I really like the formula. 

I would highly recommend everyone to give the Creammellow Lipstick a try, especially if you're looking for a moisturizing lipstick that has good color payoff. With 10 shades to choose from, you'll surely be able to find one that fits what you're looking for :) 

-Reasonable price
-Doesn't sink into lip lines
-Applies easily
-Simple but pretty packaging

-Average wear time
-Transfers easily

Get yours here at Jolse for $12.98 $11.68. Right now Jolse is having a special sale where everything in their shop is 10% off, so make sure to take advantage of that discount before it ends on December 25th!

I've been working on my new blog layout lately since I'm changing my domain and blog name soon. I'll make a separate post about it later once I've finish the layout and I'm ready to make the change. There are several reasons for the change (which I'll talk about later), but one of them is because I feel that my current name and layout doesn't suit me at all. lol Anyways~ 

Have you guys tried this lipstick before? Which shade did you try if you did (or would like to try if you didn't)? 
Oh! And did anyone see the new Innisfree 2014 Holiday collection? I'm kind of disappointed in the packaging for this years but the candles/diffusers look nice! Are you guys planning on getting from that collection?


  1. Eeep~ It looks so nice!!! I'm starting to really like Innisfree lip products...I've only ever tried the Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousses, but I loved them SO much. And I read the reviews of their Color Glow ones and these from other bloggers, and it makes me want to buy them so bad now~ Good luck with your domain and blog name change! <3

    Love, Aimee

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  2. I ordered No. 8 and !0 and I'm looking forward to get them. I love the color glow lipstick from Innisfree.

  3. Moistfull Dewy Red looks gorgeous on your lips! ^ u ^

  4. I was actually going to get the Creammellow lipsticks but I heard it doesn't have a very long wear time due to the glossiness so I didn't. Some people don't like the packaging of Innisfree products but I like how simple they are ^_^

    Just stumbled onto your blog and it's great ♡

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  5. Same here! I haven't tried that many Innisfree lip products but now I definitely wouldn't hesitate on buying any of them. I think you'd really like these Aimee! And thank you~ It's going to be confusing for awhile probably, but hopefully all goes well ^^

  6. Ooh I was considering getting 10, so I'll be looking forward to your review! I heard so many praises for the Color Glow Lipstick last year but for some reason I never bought them.

  7. Unfortunately they don't last very long at all with eating and drinking >__< But I don't really mind since they're easy to reapply. I like Innisfree's packaging for its simplicity too! ^^

    Thank you Sandy! I like your blog as well :)

  8. I agree, it's such a gorgeous color! I just read your review on it, Coco, and I have to say that it looks amazing on you! :)

  9. I haven't tried any of these, but I've seen a few reviews mentioning #8 and it looks SO PRETTY! The perfect holiday red.

  10. pweetyyyyy color.. XD
    new follower..^^ mind to follow my blog too? nice to meet you..

  11. This was a nice layout too :)

    Thank you for the nice review~~

  12. Love LOVE the shade of number 9! I've been wanting to buy some of these but I wanted an even deeper shade than shade 9! I want a berry red shade! I love the sound of the creamy formula though!

  13. It is! I've been using it almost every day, haha. I think #8 would look great on almost anyone~

  14. Isn't it? I've fallen in love with #8 lol

    It's nice to meet you too! :)

  15. Haha thank you, Merve, I'm glad to hear that you think so! Thank you for reading ^^

  16. OOOH Berry red sounds wonderful! Now I really wish they made a shade like that for this year's collection. The creamy formula really is great, I think they're definitely worth a try. Who knows, you might end up liking some other shades! Thank you for reading Sharlynn :)


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