Introducing: Wishtrend

Hi everybody! 

Today I'll be introducing to you another Korean beauty shop called Wishtrend. According to Wishtrend, they only exist for one mission- to help you to be more beautiful.  A company founded in 2013, Wishtrend believes that "as long as you 'WISH' to be beautiful, you will be beautiful".

Here is the home page of Wishtrend. Since Black Friday is coming up the current banner is about the Black Friday sale which just started today. It ends on November 30th so be sure to check out the deals before they end! 

Wishtrend currently carries products from 58 Korean brands. Some of these brands include Klairs, Mustaev, Ciracle, and Elisha Coy. They sell a wide variety of products for you to use from head to toe, such as nail polishes, skincare, body care, and makeup. Their bestsellers include the famous OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum and Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream.

Wishtrend does offer worldwide shipping! To determine how much shipping will cost for you, look at the map above. Each zone has its own color, and depending on what color your country is in, then that's the zone you're in. So for me, shipping will cost $10 since I live in the US (Zone 3). Usually standard shipping is free for orders over $69, but for Black Friday the minimum requirement is $59! To get a better idea of the benefits you'll get from the Black Friday deals, click here or check out the table below.

With every order, Wishtrend includes free gifts/samples! YAY lol 

Also, for those of you that don't know, Wishtrend has their own Youtube channel where they upload videos on things such as hauls, skincare tips, current Korean beauty trends, and more. I've been subscribed to their channel for awhile now and I have to say that their videos are all quite interesting!

So, please feel free to check out Wishtrend and take a look at the products they carry~ The brands might sound unfamiliar to you, but a lot of the products look really nice! I've read good reviews on quite a few products that only they carry, and if anything catches your eye, right now would be the perfect chance to grab it since the Black Friday sale is currently going on. You can also keep updated on the newest Wishtrend promotions by following them on Facebook or Twitter

Just to let you know, I've personally never purchased from Wishtrend before so I don't have any experience at all with their customer service. However, I've heard about good experiences with them and they're quite popular, so I do believe that they're a trustworthy shop. 
When I first saw the email from Wishtrend inviting me to join their affiliate program I was really surprised (since it was so unexpected), but I knew that they're a good shop, so I replied back and accepted their invitation. 

 I'll be back later today (it's past midnight right now lol) with a review. Thank you for reading and have a great day! ^^ 

Disclaimer: I was not paid or sponsored to write this post. This post does contain affiliate links.

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