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Etude House has done it again with the packaging guys, only this time it's customizable! Well, kind of, but I'll get to that later. Last month they released the Glass Tinting Lips-Talk, which consists of 20 different shades (or so they say, I only count 19 on the website) ranging from beige to red to purples, including what I like to call the unicorn shade. Sadly the unicorn lipstick isn't in my possession, but I did receive three other shades to test out, along with Etude House's new Soon Jung skincare line and 0.2 Therapy Air Masks. I'll be sharing a brief review of these products, but here's a spoiler: This is the first time I've ever recommended an Etude House skincare product.

First up: the Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk (whew that's a mouthful) is semi-sheer lipstick that's also a tint. However, it's not any normal lipstick. Remember the customization I mentioned earlier? This is where it plays in. Rather than using the same packaging for every shade, Etude House released 19 different lipstick cases (there's supposed to be 20 but again I only count 19 so...) with cute designs across the board. 

These are the three that I received, but there are many more as well!

Moving back to the lipstick itself, it comes packaged in a tube which you then have to insert into the cases. The shades I received are BR402 Bohemian Rosy Brown, PK003 Romantic Frill Pink, and RD302 Swag Red. Pictured above is PK003, which is also the only shade that has Krystal's signature printed on the tube.

Inserting the lipstick into the case is super easy- all you have to do is place the bottom of the tube (the white part) into the bottom half of the case, push down, and voila! The lipstick feels pretty secure in the case, but it's also easy to remove if you want to switch it up with a different case. Just don't do what I did and somehow smush the bullet in the process.

I am clumsy and this is proof of that.
I completely forgot to take individual photos of the bullets, but as you can see from the pictures above there's nothing special about them. Just a normal, rounded bullet. I personally prefer the more pointed and slanted bullet (what I refer to as the traditional lipstick shape) for better precision, but since these lipsticks are meant to be applied all over the lips and don't need to be perfectly outlined, I don't mind.

And finally, the most important part of the review: swatches and finish.
BR402 Bohemian Rosy Brown is the perfect MLBB lipstick, and my favorite shade out of the three. The name is pretty self-explanatory- it's a warm, rosy nude shade with a hint of brown. 

PK003 Romantic Frill Pink is what I call Barbie pink- it's a bright in-your-face sort of pink that has a semi-cool undertone. I personally didn't like this shade because I hate bright pink lipsticks, but to each their own.

RD302 Swag Red is a really pretty watermelon red (thus I placed it inside the watermelon case lol). It's such a cheerful color that works well for every day looks since it's not too bright, but still gives you that pop of color.

All of the lipsticks in this line have a semi-opaque, glossy finish. They're moisturizing, but here's the catch: they will accentuate dry patches. My lips get a little flaky at times if I don't drink enough water or apply lip care the night before, and the pigment from these lipsticks will stick to those flaky bits and make them very obvious, thus making the overall finish look uneven and patchy. However as long as you don't have dry lips when you apply this, then the finish is beautiful and glossy.

One swipe is enough in my opinion, since adding another layer doesn't really build up the pigmentation. These do transfer easily and wear-time is so-so, so don't expect them to be long lasting. The good thing is that the tint these lipsticks leave behind are all really pretty. Also, did I mention that they smell super sweet, like fruit candy? The scent reminds me of my childhood, and I don't mind. If you do care about scents though don't worry, the smell pretty much dissipates upon application.

If you're a fan of glossy, moisturizing lipsticks that are translucent, thus allowing your natural lip color to show through a little, then I'd recommend checking these out.

You can purchase the Glass Tinting Lips-Talk for $10.40 (lipstick insert) and $5.20 (lipstick case).

In addition to their new lipsticks, Etude House also sent me a few of their 0.2 Therapy Air Mask, as well as a trial set of their latest skincare line, Soon Jung.

I'm just going to be brief with these masks: They're very thin (according to Etude House they're only 0.2 mm thick!), fit pretty well, and have a watery, clear essence. The material isn't the softest material ever, but it isn't uncomfortable by any means. I wore them for 30 minutes and they still were still fairly wet when I took them off, so they have a long wear time. Scent-wise they smell sweet and floral, but not overwhelming, and there aren't different scents for each "flavor". When it comes to results, I have to say all three (Strawberry, Hyaluronic Acid, and Aloe) give pretty much the same result. My skin feels more hydrated after use, and that's all there really is to it. I don't notice much of a brightening or firming effect, nor is my skin significantly calmer the next day. All in all they're pretty mediocre. Good if you're just looking for an everyday mask that will add a boost of hydration to your routine without breaking the bank, but otherwise I say meh to these masks. 

You can purchase the 0.2 Therapy Air Masks for $1.30.

Since I only got to try the Soon Jung skincare products for roughly a week and a half, I will only be sharing my initial impressions of each product. None of the products in this line have a scent, and they didn't break me out.

pH 5.5 Relief Toner- This is a watery toner with a bit of a slip to it. It's definitely hydrating without being heavy, and absorbs well into the skin. Not sure if it helps calm sensitive skin and breakouts, but it didn't irritate my acne-prone skin. Also, it's low-pH.

10-Free Moist Emulsion- Emulsions aren't really my thing. I find that they're more likely to make my skin oilier than creams (strange, I know), and this one was no exception. The good thing though is that it doesn't feel heavy nor oily, and honestly it only made my skin get oily earlier during the day rather than later. If you enjoy emulsions and are just looking for one with clean, simple ingredients, definitely check this one out.

2x Barrier Moisture Cream- This is just a regular cream without any frills, and it does its job as a moisturizer. It absorbs pretty well, and doesn't leave a dewy finish. Also, it didn't feel heavy or make my skin oilier during the day. 

5-Panthensoside Cica Balm- As the name suggests, this is a thicker, balm-like cream. It's semi-opaque, and despite having a thicker consistency, spreads very easily and absorbs even quicker than the moisture cream. It has a satin-like finish that didn't make my skin oily at all. It is moisturizing though, so I think all skin types can use this one. What really surprised me with this one is that my skin actually felt calmed by this- I had some active breakouts due to stress and lack of sleep while testing this out, and my pimples actually looked better after using this. 

Guys, I'm kind of shocked that I didn't dislike these products. I've actively avoided Etude House skincare ever since I had a good number of mediocre and bad experiences with their products, but this line I would actually recommend to people who are looking for moisturizing skincare with simple ingredients or kids who don't have any skincare problems like acne, dull skin, pigmenation, etc. Out of the four products I tried, the only one I'd truly consider purchasing is the 5-Panthensoside Cica Balm. I think it's a great moisturizing cream to have on hand for days when my skin is feeling a little tight due to dryness, and considering how I'll be living in the East Coast this coming fall, I think I'm gonna need a cream like this. All of the other products weren't bad, but when it comes to skincare I want ones that offer brightening and skin-soothing effects, and these just don't have the formulations to make the cut. 

You can purchase the Soon Jung skincare line in full-size and travel-size HERE. Prices range from about $7-$20

What do you guys think of these new Etude House products? Have you tried them before? I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I'm sorry I've been quite inactive on Instagram and the blog lately, school has been a bit crazy these past few weeks. I feel like every teacher decided to schedule tests and due dates right before or during AP testing lol (not really laughing, these past weeks haven't been fun). I actually have a four-day calculus final this week, so I definitely won't be back for another week. Hopefully after next week though I can blog more often. Have a wonderful day everyone!
Disclaimer: The products featured were sent to me by Etude House for review purposes as part of their Pink Bird Program. All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine and 100% honest.

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