Review: Etude House XOXO Minnie in the Nails (#2 and #6)

 When Etude House first released the XOXO Minnie collection, I just had to buy the nail polishes. I mean, who can resist? So I got them in #2 Bubble Pink and #6 Minnie Black Face.

에뛰드하우스 미니 인 더 네일즈 (2호 버블핑크 + 6호미니블랙페이스)
Name: Etude House Minnie in the Nails (#2 Bubble Pink + #6 Minnie Black Face)
Price: ₩ 3,000 ($2.83)
Amount: 8g

Look at the caps! ^^ I've always liked Etude House's packaging for nail polishes. The container is made of either glass or hard plastic.
Height: 6.5 cm | Diameter: 2.4 cm
They even have the manufacture date on the back. And the sticker is in the shape of mickey mouse's head. :D
Their signature logo is stamped on top of the bottles.

#2 Bubble Pink is a very bright hot pink, and it's texture resembles those gel nail polishes. #6 Minnie Black Face has glitter (or should I say confetti pieces?) in white, black, and pink hexagon shapes and black mickey mouse heads. I don't know why but it the texture of the clear nail polish is kind of gooey...
It's easy to apply the #2 Bubble Pink, but dang are those mickey heads hard to apply. It took me quite awhile to fish them out. It's also difficult to evenly distribute the glitter pieces. > < The nail polishes take awhile to dry. 
The camera doesn't show it well, but the pink isn't even close to purple. > < Like I said earlier, it's a bright hot pink, and it's fairly similar to the colors Etude House shows in their images. 

I think the nail polishes themselves are really cute, but since I'm not really a fan of bright hot pink, I think I'm going to try wearing the #6 Minnie Black Face with a pale or peach-y pink. ^^ Also, I always apply a top coat (Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Top Coat) over this because I feel like gel nail polishes are easily ruined even after they've dried. 

Where to buy? You can buy these at the following places:
-BeautynetKorea $4.87 (free shipping, discount after registration, original price: $5.39)
-Jolse $4.98 (free shipping)
-Testerkorea $2.97
-W2Beauty $6.42 (free shipping, receive a $5 when you enter the code 04308009 at registration)
-various eBay sellers

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