W2Beauty Haul #3 / Gift Package

You guys were expecting this right? I did warn you after all in 2 posts. The only thing is that I never expected the package to arrive today, not even tomorrow. Yet here it is. When I first saw the package (it was way bigger than I expected), I jumped around and couldn't stop smiling as I opened it. Alice and I did a sort of... gift exchange? Not exactly, but I sent her a gift package and she added some snacks and gifts to my order. Alice if you're reading this thank you so much!  

But as with all gifts, you know when you first open it and you're just so happy? But then a minute later all you can think about is how much your gift sucked compared to the one you received? Yep... that was me.
calm down crazy rabbit      I'M SO SORRY crying2 onion headI swear to god if there's ever another chance I'll send more stuff.

Anyways back to the haul~ 

Ordered: 11/11 and 11/16/2013
Shipped: 11/19/2013
Received: 11/27/2013

The package probably could've been shipped much earlier, but the nail polish I ordered was discontinued, and Alice had searched in a lot of places and still couldn't find it, so she asked me if I wanted to change it to a different color. It was so sweet of her to go to so many places to find it. I changed it to a different color, ordered one more item, and it was shipped in just a few days. And it arrived in 8 days. Umm what? That's extremely fast. ^^

Dimensions: 34 cm x 25 cm x 21 cm
Filled to the brim and everything was very well protected as always.
Here is everything unpacked! ^^
What I Bought:
A'Pieu Cotton Puff 100 $3.60
Mizon Real Oatmeal Essential Lip&Eye Remover $7.46
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask $19.98
The Saem Big Brother Aloe 95% Soothing Gel $11.21
Etude House Play Nail #157 Man from Mars
The Saem Saemmul Tint Aqua Tint (Red) $7.00
A'Pieu Smart Cushion Case $15.85
Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker $11.55
Looks like I have a lot of things to review now... good thing winter break is coming soon :D 

There were just way too many gifts so I had to split them up into 2 pictures.
Wait what is this? An eyebrow kit and lipstick? The Rosy Tint Lips I was expecting but those... Alice thank you soo much 
-gasp- A hand mirror from A'Pieu! It's really cute. ^^ And the snacks look delicious.
Guess what was in the Club Clio bag? A box of cotton pads  from Peripera with Na Eun on it. 
Well... this was an unexpected package that totally made my day. Thank you so much Alice unnie!! :) I don't even know how to express my thanks. 

Everyone go check out W2Beauty! Alice is planning something special for Cyber Monday which is coming up soon. She's also selling all the Christmas gift sets that many brands have released, and the newly released Etude House Princess Etoinette 2013 Winter Collection. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Sign up now using the code 04308009 to receive a $5 voucher which you can use on any minimum purchase of $30. ^^ Plus, there's a reward program in which you receive 5% back in rewards that you can use on future purchases (and did I mention free shipping?). 

HappyearlyThanksgiving everyone! 
Thanks for reading! :D


  1. Woow! Se gave you a lot of samples and....FOOD?? I can't believe it! she is amazing XDXD

  2. Haha yes she is ^^ The food was because we sent each other some snacks though lol Thanks for reading Ana!


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