Review: It's Skin Babyface Pore Powder

I admit that I bought this because of it's packaging, and that it was an impulse buy. Most of the time they (impulse buys) end up being a disappointment, and you really think I would've learned my lesson by now. > < Nevertheless, let's begin~

Name: It's Skin Babyface Pore Powder
Amount: 5g
Price: ₩ 6,000 ($5.66) 
Description:* Light coverage and controls sebum.
                                  * Fine Powder covers pores for silkier looking skin.
* Absorbs oil and sweat for silky soft skin for long hours.
I'm sorry I couldn't find the ingredients list  Onion Head Emoticons 128
Aren't the wings just adorable? Too bad it's only part of the plastic packaging though...
Height: 3.1 cm | Diameter: 4.9 cm 
Here's the puff! And the amount you'd usually get. | Diameter: 4.5 cm

The packaging is really cute, which is more or less the reason why I bought it in the first place. Oh and that it was on sale. Anyways, the puff is pretty easy to use, and the holes make it easy to control the amount of product you use each time. ^^

Don't worry, it won't actually spill like this since the puff blocks it from doing so ^^;  I just did this to show you guys the powder
As you can see it's white, but once you've actually applied it you can't see it at all. The powder is extremely fine so it has a soft and silky texture. 

*Natural lighting. Please excuse my extremely tired eyes (and semi-blurry photo)  > < Like I said, school really has been taking its toll on me.
It has a matte finish once applied, and my skin feels very smooth, silky and how do I explain this.. slippery? It's easy to glide my fingers over my face after application. However I have to say that it doesn't cover my pores at all. Neither does it do so well in controlling sebum, since my T-zone was oily by 1 PM, which is usually the time it starts getting oily. And what was that about absorbing sweat? -scoff- Do note that this does accentuate dry spots, so people with dry skin beware! 

-Adorable packaging
-Not expensive
-Skin feels silky and smooth

-Doesn't control sebum
-Doesn't cover pores
-Doesn't absorb sweat
-Accentuates dry spots
-Slightly bulky 

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Repurchase? I think not. While my skin does feel nice after application, it's not what I'm looking for. This, being a pore powder, is supposed to help cover pores and control sebum, yet it doesn't do that. I also prefer compact powders more because they're easier to carry around. 

Where to buy? You can buy this at any of the following places: 
-Koreadepart $5.74
-Testerkorea $4.75 (currently on sale, original price: $5.94)
-W2Beauty $13.05 (free shipping, get a $5 voucher when you enter the code 04308009 at registration)

What about you?
Do you prefer loose powders or compact powders? What do you look for in a powder?

Thanks for reading~ ^^

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