Review: A'Pieu Smart Cushion Case (Tutorial)

I'm sure many of you have heard about the cushion, another way to apply on foundation, BB cream, or CC cream. IOPE's Air Cushion XP, one of the most famous ones out there, is seen as the cushion that started it all. Basically, it's a cushion soaked in foundation, BB or CC cream that's placed in a slightly bulky compact, with an air puff separated by a second lid. Not only is it convenient, but the air puff helps you achieve that flawless look. But how about an empty cushion case for you to fill with your favorite BB cream, CC cream, foundation, or even sunscreen?

When I first saw the A'Pieu Smart Cushion Case, I thought it was just an empty case in which you need to buy refills for. Turns out it's a DIY cushion, and really, what could be better than that if you can't afford those pricier cushions or you already have a foundation you prefer? Rather than a review, this is more like a tutorial. Without further ado, let's begin~
Even the box is so pretty! Dimensions: 7.6 cm x 3.8 cm x 7.7 cm
Here's what's in the box. I've always liked A'Pieu's flowery packaging. Case- diameter: 7.4 cm | height: 2.5 cm
I will be using the Peripera Heart Glow CC Cream and a little bit of the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit ^^ (reviews for both of these are coming up soon, but here's a spoiler: I'm loving one of them and just meh on the other).
Here is how the cushion case looks when it's empty:
Now you should fill this up to only 1/3 of the container, because you don't want it to spill when you put in the cushion. Don't worry if you don't put enough, because you can always add more on top in the end. What's great about this DIY cushion is that you can mix products together. I've actually seen some people on Korean blogs mix 4-5 products together, which I suppose you can do... if it doesn't seem excessive to you.
This is obviously not enough, but just to give you an idea what to do. I won't be doing a 1:1 ratio for the CC cream and BB cream, but more like oh... say 4:1. 
How it looks once they're mixed together (using a toothpick).
Now it's time to add in the cushion! 

Voila~ Now you just press on it to get the cushion to absorb the product(s). 

To apply, press the air puff on the cushion (don't worry, the air puff doesn't absorb anything), and apply the product onto your face ^^
Air Puff Diameter: 5.3 cm
And that is how you would make your own cushion using the A'Pieu Smart Cushion Case. 
I seriously didn't think that using an air puff and cushion to apply CC and BB creams would be any different from just using your hands. I have been proven wrong, greatly. I don't know how, but by using the cushion, there's a cooling sensation. And it's easier to achieve a flawless finish using an air puff. Now I see why everyone's been hyping about these cushions. Applying foundation just got way more convenient! ^^ Now I really want to try IOPE's cushion since I've heard so many great things about it. 

You can buy this cushion case (with two design options, the one I reviewed here and a cute pink+brown one) at W2Beauty for $9.03. In fact, this is the only shop I know that sells it! Don't forget that first time buyers can enter the code 04308009 at registration to receive a $5 voucher which can be used on minimum orders of $30. I think this is a good product to start out with if you're unsure about which cushion to get, since you'll be able to use your favorite foundation, BB cream, or CC cream with it.

What about you?
Have you ever tried any cushion foundations? Which one have you tried (or would like to)?


  1. WOW THAT IS GENIUS! A good choice for people who can't justify buying 15g of cushion product :) I've been wondering if I just purchase an air puff and squirt some bb cream on it will the effect be almost the same? Enlighten me please?

  2. thanks for the reply. I've been wondering about this cushion concept for quite some time and the mechanism behind the air cushion but no one has ever tried just using the air puff to apply bb cream. (At least I haven't see anyone doing so in their blogs) Haha, and cushion bbs seem to come in different sizes, so it is expensive if girls want to try out different brands >.<. anyway great blog! I've already followed you on bloglovin! Happy new year~

  3. Hello Maru!

    That's actually an interesting question, one that made me test it right away. ^^; The finish is pretty similar, so if you would like to do that then go ahead. However you won't experience a cooling sensation like you would with the cushion, and it's much more convenient to carry a cushion than a tube of BB cream. Also I find that I use less product with the cushion, and you can build lighter layers of coverage. But if all you're looking for is that similar flawless finish, then just an air puff will do :) I hope that answers your question!


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