Banila Co. Releases 2013 Winter Collection FLASH

And just when you thought that brands were done releasing products for this winter season and you can finally repair the damage done to your wallet, Banila Co. decides to step in. Right now all I can think is "Seriously? You are kidding me." But unfortunately I kid you not, and this winter collection has some to die for packaging.

Here are the 9 products that Banila Co. has released.
1. 잇 샤이니 쉬머 빔 파우더 
Name: it Shiny Shimmer Beam Powder
Price: 25,000 
Size: 10g
2. 플래쉬 아이 팔레트 섀도 Jessica season2
Name: Flash Eye Shadow Palette Jessica Season 2
Price: 28,000 
Size: 5.2g
Colors: (from left to right) Gold Beige, Gold, Deep Brown, Yellow Beige, Deep Peach, Deep Wine

3. 드 라 루즈
Name: de la Rouge
Price: 14,000 
Size: 3.5g
Colors: (from left to right) RG30 Purple Burgundy, RG29 Purple, RG28 Plum, RG27 Pink, RG26 Red, RG25 Ready Rest Burgundy (?)

4. 트리플 원더 오토 젤 라이너
Name: Triple Wonder Auto Gel Liner
Price: 14,000 
Size: 0.5g
Colors: (from left to right) Reddish Burgundy, Style Khaki, Golden Brown

5. 플래쉬 볼륨&스키니 듀얼 마스카라
Name: Flash Volume&Skinny Dual Mascara
Price: 18,000 
Size: 4.5g
Colors: (from left to right) Deep Brown, Deep Black
6. 플래쉬 아이 브로우 카라
Name: Flash Eyebrow Color
Price: 12,000 
Size: 8g
Color: Natural Brown

7. 투 아이즈 듀오-스퀘어드
Name: Two Eyes Duo Squared
Price: 14,000 
Size: 1.5g + 2g
Colors: (from left to right) Deep the Knight- Deep Navy Purple, Lavender | Roman Holiday- Chocolate Brown, Rose Pink

8. 플래쉬 멀티 틴트 블러셔
Name: Flash Multi-Blush Tint
Price: 14,000 
Size: 20mL
Colors: (from left to right) OR01 Coral, PK01 Pink

9. 투 키세스 듀얼 틴트
Name: Two Kisses Dual Tint
Price: 14,000 
Size: Gel Type 7.8g + Emulsion 6.5g
Colors: Peach Empire- Orange | Red Queen- Red
I swear I really hate Banila Co. right now for releasing this, but other than that.... the packaging is so beautiful. love food crazy rabbit

So far Koreadepart is the only shop that is currently selling this (although many are temporarily out of stock > <), but I will update this post once more shops have this in stock!

Banila Co. de la Rouge $14.34
Banila Co. Flash Volume & Skinny Mascara $18.54
Banila Co. Flash Eye Palette Shadow Jessica Season 2 $28.49
Banila Co. it Shiny Shimmer Beam Powder $25.37
Banila Co. Triple Wonder Auto Gel Liner $14.24
Banila Co. Two Kisses Dual Tint (Peach Empire) $14.44
Banila Co. Multi-Blush Tint $14.44
Banila Co. Two Eyes Duo Squared $14.63


Twofacemall (free shipping, use 7PA7N600 for $2 discount on $50+ order):
Banila Co. Triple Wonder Auto Gel Liner $20.50
Banila Co. Flash Eye Palette Shadow Jessica Season 2 $34.50
Banila Co. it Shiny Shimmer Beam Powder $31.50
Banila Co. Flash Eyebrow Color $17.50
Banila Co. Two Eyes Duo Squared (Roman Holiday) $20.50
Banila Co. Two Eyes Duo Squared (Deep Night) $20.50
Banila Co. Flash Volume & Skinny Mascara (Deep Brown) $22.00
Banila Co. Multi-Blush Tint (Coral) $20.00
Banila Co. Multi-Blush Tint (Pink) $20.00

W2Beauty (free shipping, get a $5 voucher when you enter my code 04308009 at registration):
Banila Co. de la Rouge $16.13
Banila Co. Flash Eye Palette Shadow Jessica Season2 $32.26
Banila Co. it Shiny Shimmer Beam Powder $28.80
Banila Co. Flash Volume & Skinny Mascara $20.74
Banila Co. Two Eyes Duo Squared $16.13
Banila Co. Multi-Blush Tint (Pink) $16.13
Banila Co. Multi-Blush Tint (Coral) $20.74
Banila Co. Two Kisses Dual Tint (Peach Empire) $16.13
Banila Co. Flash Eyebrow Color $13.83
Banila Co. Triple Wonder Auto Gel Liner $18.93


  1. Interesting...the colors of the blusher look EXACTLY the same, puff tip too, as the Nature Republic blush I just received. I swear some of these brands just rebrand the same products. I so want the Jessica palette though. Who needs a Naked 3 when I can have Ice Queen Ssica???

  2. Haha really? I guess it's true though, so many brands have the same aloe gel Nature Republic has. I want the Jessica palette too. The Naked 3 has some pretty similar colors so I'd rather spend less and get fewer colors that are actually different. And yes I agree, why choose Urban Decay when we get the Ice Princess?

  3. woooow thank you for introducting! I haven't even noticed it yet *A* I M U S T have the palette! <3 followed lovely, I love your blog :]

  4. You're welcome ^^ I really want the palette as well but I'm trying to resist the temptation. Thank you for following! :D

  5. Oh wow, I can confidently say that I want EVERYTHING!!

  6. Haha if only one shop had this in stock! I've looked at so many sites now, and none of them have this collection.

  7. Regina Gracia SandovalJanuary 5, 2014 at 5:54 AM

    Oh my... The temptation, I wanted to have the eye palette.. The colors are so pretty and wearable. Had you tried buying from this collection? By the way, I love your blog :)

  8. aarrghh banila. so awesome. why didn't i pick up anything from them when i was in seoul!!! thankfully ther'es W3beuaty... must try them out.

    A Beautiful Zen

  9. You went to Seoul? Lucky! Do try ordering from W2Beauty, they have amazing customer service. And these products are really nice too.

  10. Hi Regina! The eye palette is really tempting isn't it? I haven't bought anything from this collection and I probably won't since I don't need any new makeup right now. However I would definitely get the eye palette if I could. And thank you :D

  11. Regina Gracia SandovalJanuary 18, 2014 at 6:57 PM

    Yeah and I give in to the temptation ^^ I purchased the eye palette and currently waiting for it ^^ I hope it is good as it looks.

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  13. Let me know if it's good or not! ^^ I would love to see some swatches for this palette, the colors look gorgeous.

  14. i've been thinking about joining their affiliate program. how has your experiences been with that (if you don't want to comment publicly i'd love if you dropped me an email at:


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