Review: Innisfree Eco Nail Color Collection

Along with the Sweet Vanilla Perfumed Diffuser from Innisfree's 2013 Green Christmas collection, I also got this limited edition Eco Nail Color Collection. I absolutely love Christmas colors and decorations, so once again I was tempted by the packaging. I mean.. just look at it! And those glittery colors...

이니스프리 에코 네일 컬러 콜렉션
Name: Innisfree Eco Nail Color Collection
Price: 7,500원
Size: 7 ml * 3 + 2 sheets of stickers

Height: 7.9 cm | Diameter: 7.5 cm | Side Length: 4.7 cm
Height of Bottles: 7.4 cm | Nail File Length: 5.1 cm
The nail polish bottles are made out of glass (I think). I love the bottle cap decorations, with the hanging ornaments and stars. Plus the dots on the bottle itself is really cute. The nail stickers come with a nail buffer to help cut off the parts that go past your nail. 

You can see the name of the color and the manufacture date on the bottom of the bottles. 
From left to right:
37호 산타클로스의 마법 (No. 37 "The Magic of Santa Claus)
36호 별빛 내린 선물 꾸러미 (No. 36 "Frosty Starlight Gift Package)
38호 12월, 눈내리는 마을 (No. 38 "December, Snowy Village)
I'm sorry for the very rough English translations > < Google Translate isn't always accurate, and when I tried to translate it to Chinese so that the translation would be slightly more accurate, it was exactly what the English translation is. If any Korean speakers out there know the actual translation, please let me know!
The pictures don't show it very well, but the brushes are kind of wide. While it does help make the application very even and smooth, it's also kind of hard to apply the nail polish without getting onto your finger (although that might just be me since I fail at applying nail polish). It's really hard for me to pick a favorite out of all these colors!

No. 37 is an absolutely gorgeous red with gold and red sparkles. It's not sheer at all, and is very easy to apply. (the above pictures are all one coat of nail polish only). 

No. 36 is a very pretty gold glitter nail polish with larger "confetti" pieces of white snowflakes. The snowflakes are thin so they don't really stick out from your nail, but a top coat is necessary to prevent them from sticking out in the future. Also it takes forever to fish out the snowflakes > < 

No. 38 is so pretty and reminds me of falling snow (kind of). It has large to small square pieces of white, skinny strips and small flecks of gold sparkles, plus red and green sparkles. It's really easy to apply and spreads out evenly (although the red and green sparkles require a little bit of fishing and distribution)

I admit the stickers are a little bit childish, and they're more suited for people with long nails. Since they aren't custom (obviously), they won't always be a perfect fit. 
All you have to do is apple the sticker to your nail, then using the file, cut off the "overhang". It's fairly easy, but I would have preferred smaller nail stickers to decorate the nails myself (although some of these are kind of cute!). 

And so here's how I did my nails for Christmas~ I honestly wasn't thinking of coordinating them until I was done, so they might not exactly "match". It takes about 20 minutes to completely dry.

I don't know if you can see, but when I added a top coat to the sticker on my thumb (on the bottom picture), it kind of shriveled up on one of the sides. > < I don't know why, it didn't happen to any of the other stickers other than the ones I put on my thumbs! The same thing happened on the other hand, but not on any other stickers. But oh well... it makes me happy looking at them ^^ 

-Reasonable price
-Easy application
-Cute packaging
-Gorgeous colors
-Doesn't take too long to dry (~20 minutes)

-Snowflakes require a lot of fishing around
-Stickers on thumbs shriveled up after adding top coat (although this can be easily avoided, just don't add the top coat)
-Brush is a little too wide, but not by much

Overall Score: 5/5

Where to buy:
-Twofacemall $14.50 (free shipping)
I originally bought mine from W2Beauty for $12.34, but unfortunately Alice is no longer selling them

After trying Innisfree's nail polishes I have to say that I really like them and they're better than Etude House's. Sadly this set is available for only a limited time, so you should go buy them before they're gone. Apparently these are selling out fast in Korea, Alice went to over 30 Innisfree shops and a lot of them were sold out! 

Christmas is coming to an end, but I hope everyone had a great time and received the gifts they want ^^ 


  1. Really? Aww that's too bad :( They really are perfect for the holiday season. Hopefully you can still buy it at another shop!

  2. what perfect holiday nails! i wish i cared more about my nails 'cause of all the awesome manicure pictures i see.

    A Beautiful Zen

  3. They are really festive aren't they? I used to not care about my nails at all until recently. Lol I guess the manicure pictures finally got to me.

  4. omg these nail polishes are really cute and super festive *-*
    I originally brought this from Alice too but she couldn't find any in stock T.T It's a shame because these nail polishes are really perfect ><


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