Review: Laneige Winterland Magic Makeup Collection

It's here! It's finally here! The review that you've all been waiting for. ...who am I kidding. But I did get a couple of requests asking for this one, so I tried my best to review this ASAP. Allow me to present to you... the Laneige Winterland Magic Makeup Collection.

I've been debating how to review this since it's two different products (lipsticks and eye shadows) put into one box, and decided to review them together instead of separately.  I will be talking about the lipsticks first in each section, then the eye shadows. ^^

라네즈 윈터랜드 매직메이크업 콜렉션
Name: Laneige Winterland Magic Makeup Collection
Price: 42,000
Size: Lipstick- 1g * 3 | Eye shadow- 1g * 4
Description: Special combination of makeup products representing the theme of this year’s holiday collection

-Limited edition multi-makeup palette to add variety to your dazzling holiday season look, comprising of the top three colors of mini Silk Intense Lipsticks and four crystallized shades of eye shadow. 

-Specially designed case depicting a festive and magical holiday fantasy that includes a special holiday makeup look book. 

Dimensions: 16.3 cm * 3.2 cm * 9.5 cm
So... the box containing the products is inside of a box, and for some reason I decided to photograph both. 

Dimensions: 16.3 cm * 3.2 cm * 9.5 cm
The box itself (plus the one it was contained in) is absolutely gorgeous! The circle/globe has parts that have a foil effect, and some of the sparkles and dots surrounding it have it as well. I feel like the limited edition packaging Laneige made for this holiday season is one of the best out of all the other brands. You can find the manufacture date on the bottom of the box. 

Voila~ The edges of the box and lid have a magnet on the inside, so it's easy to open and close. 

It includes a little booklet on the inside of the cover that tells you how to create two looks: Pure Fantasy and Glow Fantasy. The QR code (which for some reason has a water droplet graphic on it) leads you to a video tutorial for those two looks. 

Warning: This video could possibly make it difficult for you to resist the temptation to buy this.

Height: 6 cm | Diameter: 2.6 cm
The packaging for the lipsticks are soo adorable and festive looking except for one thing... they're tiny. They're about the size of your average chapstick (with less product). Although I knew that 1g isn't a lot, I didn't expect it to be this small. Take a look for yourself: 

Height of Lipstick: 2.8 cm | Total Height: 7 cm
For the price of 42,000원 you would've thought they'd make the sizes slightly larger. Oh well. 

On the bottom of the lipstick you can find the color and name of the lipstick. 

The eye shadows are more reasonably size and are covered by a piece of plastic that has the names of the colors printed on it in white (you can kind of see it on the darker one). Laneige also included a double-ended sponge and brush applicator for the eye shadows. I don't know much about the best quality for brushes and sponge applicators, but I think the quality is quite nice. ^^ It definitely doesn't feel cheap, and the brush is really soft. 

The lipsticks have a powdery scent? I don't really know how to explain it. It's not like baby powder, but more like... candy powder? Kind of like those chalky candy necklaces from when I was little. You guys all know what I'm talking about right? Those bright pastel circles put onto a string, something that was evident in almost every childhood... 

You can't smell anything at all when you apply it to your lips. The scent is faint even on the lipstick itself, but it smells so nice ^^ 

This collection includes a miniature size of the 3 most popular Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick colors in SYR36 베이지 색 쉬폰 (Beige Chiffon), LR104 핑크 가든 (Pink Garden), and SR105 블론드 코랄 (Blonde Coral). Yes the famous Laneige Silk Intense Lipsticks that Song Hye Kyo wore in "That Winter The Wind Blows". 

One swipe only
As you can see, all of the colors have very soft silver glitters in them. While it's not so noticeable in Beige Chiffon (there's hardly any), it is really noticeable in Pink Garden. Blonde Coral not so much. The glitter you see in the 3rd picture is mostly from Pink Garden. These lipsticks are creamy and they have great pigmentation (I only swiped it on my arm once), moisturize really well, and glide on smoothly. However they do accentuate dry spots so make sure to exfoliate! 

Even after placing them under running water and rubbing really hard, there was still a light tint on my arms.

Beige Chiffon is a really pretty light nude color, although I suppose it wouldn't look good on people with really dark skin. I have a neutral feeling for this color, mainly because sometimes it makes me look lifeless. People with pale skin would look great in this color. 

Pink Garden is my least favorite out of all three mostly because of the more noticeable glitters. Don't get me wrong though, the color is still pretty and the pink is a great shade for a more girly look. Any skin tone would look good in it. ^^

Blonde Coral is a beautiful color and slightly less pink than Pink Garden and more... peachy? I think it's my favorite shade out of these three! All three colors are great for a natural look, but this one is just... it's kind of like the perfect combination of Beige Chiffon and Pink Garden (not exactly color-wise but in other aspects that I don't know how to explain). All skin tones would look nice in this color as well. 

The lasting power for these lipsticks are pretty good (about 4-5 hours without eating or drinking), and they don't come off easily when you drink something (only a faint imprint on the cup). ^^ Also another good thing about them is that the color is buildable. 

Close-up of the eye shadows
The only eye shadows I've used before are from Clinique and I think Laneige is almost on par with theirs. Not because of the pigmentation, but because of the absolutely beautiful soft sparkles. These have just the right amount of glitter in them that make your eyes really sparkle. I'm personally not a fan of metallic or matte eye shadows, so I like these a lot. The four colors are four crystallized shades of the Laneige Pure Radiant Shadow (I think these are shades made specifically for this limited edition palette and aren't available in any other product).

Pearl Light Pink, Pearl Pink, and Pearl Coral aren't heavily pigmented at all and from far away they would probably look somewhat similar. They are really sparkly though, but it is a little bit of a disappointment that they don't have that great of a pigmentation. Pearl Khaki is the most pigmented out of all four and while it looks brown in the pictures above (probably because of the sparkles?) it's actually kind of a mix between olive and brown. 

After placing my arm under running water, a little bit of the sparkles have been washed away but the colors are still there and they're still sparkly. However, after rubbing them the sparkles got all over my arm and hands, and the only color remaining was Pearl Khaki. So people who rub their eyes often might not want to get this in risk of getting glitter all over your face. And if you prefer darker colors, then these definitely aren't for you.

Excuse the messy hair and dark circles ^^; 
I kind of mixed the two looks, Glow Fantasy and Pure Fantasy, into one. I used Pearl Light Pink on my eyelids and Pearl Pink on my outer lids like they did in Pure Fantasy. I also used a little bit of Pearl Khaki at the end of my eyes, and Pearl Coral as a highlighter under my eyes. After that I drew a faint line using a black eyeliner from Clinique. Then I applied a very thin layer of Beige Chiffon on my lips (so it's barely noticeable) and cheeks as a faint blush like the model did for the Glow Fantasy look. 

One thing I noticed after applying the eye shadows is that the sparkles kind of fall below my eyes in the process. Also the glitter is a little difficult to remove. I was wearing the eye shadows before I took a shower, and even afterwards there was still some glitter around my eye area. Nothing a little bit of makeup remover can't fix though ^^ 

-Gorgeous packaging
-Lipsticks are moisturizing and have great pigmentation
-3 different colors available for those who were having trouble picking one 
-Perfect for natural looks
-Good lasting power
-Easy to apply lipsticks and eye shadows
-Included eye shadow applicator with nice brush
-Very pretty soft sparkles in eye shadows

-Pink Garden has noticeable glitter 
-Lipsticks accentuate dry spots and are very small
-Eye shadow sparkles tend to fall below the eye and near cheeks
-Eye shadows have light pigmentation other than Pearl Khaki

Overall Score: 4/5

Recommend/Repurchase? I definitely recommend this for people who have been indecisive in picking which color to try out for the Laneige Silk Intense Lipsticks. If you have the money and you're a fan of sparkly eye shadows, then this one is for you. I sort of want to purchase another lipstick but in a different color, but the price is definitely making me hesitate. 

Where to buy:
W2Beauty $52.39 On sale: $47.15 (free shipping,  get a $5 voucher when you enter my code 04308009 at registration)
iBuyBeauti $54.99 (free shipping)
Twofacemall  $45.50 (free shipping)

What about you?
Have you ever tried the Laneige Silk Intense Lipsticks? What color did you try or would like to try? 

On a side note did anyone watch the SBS Gayo Daejun parody of "The Master's Sun/The Heirs"? I think it was really interesting, and I was so happy to see Bona and Chanyoung together again ^^ 


  1. Great review Gloria :D
    The lipsticks are SO small! For that price, wtf! It looks like they should be able to fit a full tube in there...I like the colors but they really do all look quite similar. The eyeshadows look really pretty too. Did you try it with a primer? Oh, they have this thing from Elf that's for applying eye makeup so you don't get it all over under your eyes. It's maybe like $1-3? It's a good thing to have in every collection I think and worth it.

    Love the look you did :D your eye make is super cute!

  2. I know right? They are ridiculously small for the price, but then again the original size lipstick is expensive as well. The colors are similar, so really you only need one of them. I currently don't own a primer but that sounds interesting! I'll have to try to find that Elf product next time I'm at Target.

    Thank you ^^ Haha I actually suck at applying eye makeup.

  3. It looks great, I have been thinking about getting this before... but the colors of the lipsticks don't have too much difference... Still looks great on you <3

  4. I admit that the packaging is what made me get this in the first place. The colors are very similar so I'd suggest just getting the lipstick itself since it's expensive for such small lipsticks. Thank you ^^


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